CIMA Islamic finance qualifications

CIMA leads in Islamic finance through a suite of award-winning self-study qualifications that meet market demands and requirements. 

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CIMA Exemptions for students , degree , MBA holders - CIMA exemption fees and details

You may be exempt from certain exams in the Certificate in Business Accounting and CIMA Professional Qualification if you hold a relevant degree or qualification

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CIMA tuition providers all over the world contact details online , list of providers of CIMA online

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How to start CIMA ? , How to study CIMA ? Find your answers Here .

How to start CIMA

Anyone can study CIMA, whether you’re new to business and accounting or already have some experience. The only requirements are competence in mathematics and the English language

Why choose CIMA As a carrier ?

Why choose CIMA?
Be recognised globally
By becoming a CIMA member you will join the world’s largest professional body of management accountants. You will be able to use the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation and be part of a truly global network. 
CGMA logo The CGMA designation is powered by two of the world’s leading accounting bodies – CIMA and AICPA. It aims to establish management accounting as the most valued profession in business worldwide

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CIMA EXAM Fees for 2014 for all levels

Exam fees

 January-July 2014 August-December 2014 
CIMA certificate in business accounting
(Please note that CBA centres may charge administration fees in addition to the standard fee)
GBP50 per subject assessmentGBP50 per subject assessment
Operational and management levels GBP84 per paperGBP91 per paper
Operational and management 'extra' exams (re-sits)GBP142 per paperGBP142 per paper
Management accounting gateway assessmentGBP52 per paperGBP52 per paper
Strategic levelGBP90 per paperGBP98 per paper
Strategic level 'extra' exams (re-sits)GBP157 per paperGBP157 per paper
T4 part B (paper-based)GBP114 per paperGBP124 per paper
T4 part B (PC based)GBP165 per paperGBP165 per paper
Additional fee for late entryGBP211GBP211
Additional fee for very late entry GBP423GBP423
Change of exam paper/centreFreeFree
Fee for late change of exam paper/centreGBP68GBP68
Fee for very late change of exam paper/centreGBP92GBP92
Exam non payment admin feesGBP68GBP68
Script reviewGBP165GBP165
Duplicate certificateGBP23GBP23
Admin reviewGBP52GBP52
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CIMA student fee list Subscription fees for 2014

Students - GBP103
Students who have passed T4 part B (CIMA case study) -  GBP235

New student (first year subscription fee) Free

What's new in 2015 CIMA syllabus?

What's new
Focusing on the right knowledge and skills
 competency framework is based on what organisations expect finance professionals to do in a modern business environment.

We have retained the existing syllabus structure (see diagram below). The CIMA professional qualification has three pillars of domain knowledge divided into three levels of achievement (making nine separate subjects in total):

Pillars: enterprise / performance / financial

Levels: operational / management / strategic

Outline of key syllabus changes
Within that syllabus structure, we have moved some syllabus content between pillars and levels. We have removed or reduced some syllabus content as it has become less relevant.

To complement this, we have created new syllabus topics to address new or evolving business issues.

Here are some examples:

In our enterprise pillar, we introduced the topic of finance function transformation and reduced the detail regarding project management. We also introduced the topic of big data analytics and strengthened the theme of change management.

In our performance pillar, we moved the topic of managing short-term finance to the financial pillar and transferred the subject of the theory of organisational structures to the enterprise pillar . At the same time, we expanded the topic of environmental costing and consolidated the topic of risk from the financial and enterprise pillars into the strategic level of our performance pillar.

In our financial pillar, we created a better progression for the topic of financial reporting, and included integrated reporting and sustainability. We moved content concerning investment appraisal and transferred elements within the topic of risk to the performance pillar

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CIMA 2015 syllabus KEY ASSESSMENT CHANGES details

The updated the structure, type, technology and frequency of assessments for the professional qualification. Students will sit objective tests for each subject and an integrated case study at each level.

For the first time at CIMA, all assessments will be computer based and in the case of the objective tests will be available on demand. The first examinations under the new assessment method will take place in the first quarter of 2015

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CIMA 2015 Professional Qualification Syllabus details and changes - What is changing ?

2015 Professional Qualification Syllabus

CIMA is introducing an updated syllabus for its professional qualification and new assessment methods which will take effect from January 2015.

What is changing?

Our 2015 CIMA Professional Qualification Syllabus aims to address the ‘employability’ needs of businesses and people. It will help to produce competent and confident management accounting professionals who can guide and lead their organisations to sustainable success

Why Study CIMA? - What is the specialty of cima ? , Why CIMA different from other qualification ? - Answers

Most accounting qualifications train people for private practice, working on external audit and tax issues. CIMA prepares people for a career in business. It teaches skills for strategic advice, managing risk and making key decisions.
Our syllabus is designed to deliver a strong understanding of all aspects of business so our members can contribute in many areas of an organisation
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