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What's new in 2015 CIMA syllabus?

What's new
Focusing on the right knowledge and skills
 competency framework is based on what organisations expect finance professionals to do in a modern business environment.

We have retained the existing syllabus structure (see diagram below). The CIMA professional qualification has three pillars of domain knowledge divided into three levels of achievement (making nine separate subjects in total):

Pillars: enterprise / performance / financial

Levels: operational / management / strategic

Outline of key syllabus changes
Within that syllabus structure, we have moved some syllabus content between pillars and levels. We have removed or reduced some syllabus content as it has become less relevant.

To complement this, we have created new syllabus topics to address new or evolving business issues.

Here are some examples:

In our enterprise pillar, we introduced the topic of finance function transformation and reduced the detail regarding project management. We also introduced the topic of big data analytics and strengthened the theme of change management.

In our performance pillar, we moved the topic of managing short-term finance to the financial pillar and transferred the subject of the theory of organisational structures to the enterprise pillar . At the same time, we expanded the topic of environmental costing and consolidated the topic of risk from the financial and enterprise pillars into the strategic level of our performance pillar.

In our financial pillar, we created a better progression for the topic of financial reporting, and included integrated reporting and sustainability. We moved content concerning investment appraisal and transferred elements within the topic of risk to the performance pillar

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