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FM Magazine August 2014 - CIMA Financial management August 2014 Read online

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Tips - Please Use Pc or laptop to Read magazine also use high speed internet and Just read the page and go to next page using arrow key in the Right hand side , please avoid playing audio and videos inside the magazine that's are clickable because its may struck

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Ethics techniques in T4 (TOPCIMA) by NICK BEST

CIMA T4 TOPCIMA Ethics | The CIMA T4 ethics section is often badly done in the exam, yet it is 10 crucial marks. 

the ethics e-book has been designed to assist you overcome problems with the ethics section of the test, this e-book may be a comprehensive study guide and revision pack essential one.

The Ethics e-book contains:

14 page guide to the Ethics section of CIMA T4 as well as sections on analysing ethical problems, recommendations, structuring your answer and far a lot of
20 test queries - impressed by the past T4 papers, however written with none got to scan a preseen report, every question considerations a special ethical issue therefore you'll have the follow you would like to answer a matter on any space

20 counterrevolutions - elaborated guide answers to the queries so you'll be able to see what variety of answer the examiner are going to be searching for

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Prioritization technique in T4 (TOPCIMA) by NICK BEST

CIMA T4 TOPCIMA Prioritisation | Prioritisation within the CIMA T4 TOPCIMA communication is important to passing.

T4 TOPCIMA - A guide to prioritisation
In the communication, you've got to order the problems within the unseen in priority order, and take care of the problems so as of importance throughout your report.

Getting this right is important to success. associate incorrect prioritisation won't simply lose marks underneath the prioritisation section, however underneath alternative headings too. If you are doing not embody the examiner’s high a pair of problems anyplace in your report it's terribly troublesome to pass, but sensible your report.

Take a systemised approach to Prioritisation!

One key downside individuals usually face is that of constructing broad, general assessments of priorities, supported feelings instead of absolutely evaluating the difficulty. Gut feel and intuition is helpful from time to time, however it's fraught with danger during this instance, since what ‘feels’ sort of a major issue, on more scrutiny will usually prove to not be. Intuition will assist you create your call, however should not be the premise of your higher cognitive process. Instead it's very important that have a transparent technique to assist you create your call.

Critical to your success may be a extremely systematic technique of prioritisation, that creates prioritisation problems clear and fast. Nick’s technique relies on associate analysis for every unseen issue of the 3 key components given to US by the examiner:

1. Timescale (short to long-term)
2. Scale of impact (most vital to least)
3. Degree of risk (highest to lowest)

In our T4 TOPCIMA course videos and notes Nick outlines the way to use criteria as a part of a transparent system, to make sure that prioritisation is completed quickly (a key mistake is taking too long on this) and accurately. we have a tendency to additionally go through a prioritisation live throughout our teleseminars, thus you'll see however this can be done and might raise queries as we have a tendency to proceed.

Do be decisive at this stage. several unsuccessful students say that the unsuccessful, not as a result of the incorrect order, however as a result of they took farewell to make a decision, they may not complete their script within the allotted time.

You should range your high four problems solely. though you'll discuss alternative problems, there's seldom time out there to try and do thus, and infrequently to individuals get around to doing this.

Prioritisation within the report

In your report you must have a separate prioritisation section that clearly sets out your prioritisation order. for every of your high four problems embody underneath a separate heading for every unseen issue prioritised your reasoning for the order you've got your problems in. This reasoning ought to embody comments on impact, urgency and risk and clearly state why problems square measure within the order they're in.
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Time Management technique in T4 (TOPCIMA) by Nick Best

Probably the foremost crucial component to passing the T4 Case Study is mastering time management. it's no doubt the largest reason students say was the rationale for failing the examination, whereas a review of the examinationiner’s Post examination Guides shows that this is often additionally mirrored in real examination scripts for nearly each exam sitting.

“Time and time once more, I mark mock examination scripts that square measure superb for the primary 3 quarters and so the standard drops such a lot at the tip, the script doesn't pass. typically whole sections at the tip square measure missing. the rationale – poor time management. this is often the key ability that has to be down to pass this examination.”

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Make sure you're one amongst the minority WHO persist with their timings

In a survey of sixty four students by Astranti monetary coaching once the might 2013 communication, simply nineteen stuck to their planned timings within the real examination - and however this can be the key to passing this communication. whether or not you get the mocks obtainable as a part of the private coaching job programme, get mock exams and practise yourself or take exams with a tuition provider, you want to master time management - it's essential to your success.

How to Write report in T4 (TOPCIMA) Exam technique by Nick Best

CIMA T4 TOPCIMA Prioritisation | 

The typical demand utilized in just about all exams over the last ten years is as follows:
“Prepare a report that prioritises, analyses and evaluates the problems facing the corporate, and makes applicable recommendations.”

This represents ninety marks within the communication. it's crucial then, that you just approach and structure the report properly. you wish to grasp the key report sections, their order, and also the structure needed in every of those sections.

By relating every section to the marking criteria you're then able to write a report which will earn sensible marks, and by understanding timings for every section make sure you complete the report. Combining all 3 components along is important to passing.

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marking criteria in T4 Case Study (TOPCIMA) by NICK Best

CIMA T4 TOPCIMA Marking Criteria - 

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CIMA 2015 Transition advice for strategic level students from CIMA director of learning, Peter Stewart

How to get full Diversity Marks in T4 CIMA Exam - The Shoehorn Approach

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How to Pass TOPCIMA (T4) EXAM - techniques and tips

1) Planning - Time Frame 
2) Practice  Mock Exams - learn and correct mistakes 
3) Time management for each section 

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TOPCIMA (T4) and The F- word relationship - Make different in the exam

TOPCIMA (T4) and The F- word relationship - Make different in the exam 

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How to get first impressions in T4 exam - tactics and techniques

How to get first impressions in T4 exam - tactics and techniques

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SAF model application in T4 (TOPCIMA ) exam must or not ? - answer

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T4 (TOPCIMA) Technical Marks techniques - how to get full marks ? - solution

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An Introduction to T4 Case Study (TOPCIMA ) by Nick Best from Astranti

Introduction to the T4 test - This test is different!

The TOPCIMA test is completely different from all the earlier CIMA exams. not like previous papers there's no new theory to be told. Instead, you're expected to draw on the information you've got gained throughout your CIMA studies, significantly the 3 strategic papers, and apply this to a selected company.

On the day of the test you're given one demand, and concerning 4-5 pages of latest “unseen” info, concerning that, you're expected to arrange your answer.

As well because the format of the test being fully completely different, T4 TOPCIMA is marked otherwise too. You’re in all probability aware of the previous rules of mark allocation wherever you earned  one mark for every sensible purpose raised, or for every calculation done properly. TOPCIMA isn’t marked like this. Instead a marking grid of 9 assessment criteria, like Judgement, Integration and Focus, is employed and you need to perceive a way to earn marks against every of the 9 criteria if you're planning to pass

Your answer has to be smart and commercially realistic, draw upon your information of reality expertise and business analysis, and, has to be written to achieve a breadth of marks across all the 9 assessment criteria. it's crucial that you simply perceive those criteria and the way to earn marks on every.

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CIMA announces that November's exam results will be released in record time - on 23 December - PQ magazine

CIMA has decided to get its November exam results out in record time.

The November sitting is the last under the current set-up, and there are big changes ahead in 2015.

Originally it was decided that the results would be released in very early January 2015. However, PQ magazine has learnt that CIMA plans to release the November results on…23 December 2014. That’s just five short weeks after the November exams are sat.

Now, this may seem good in many ways, but the concern is how students will get the information and advice they need it. 
Colleges and CIMA itself will have to be full-staffed on both the 23rd and 24th of December. One concerned tutor wondered when he was going to get his Turkey!

The tutor stressed he and his staff would, of course, be there for students but he also wonder if anyone at CIMA had really thought through the practicalities of pushing the results to a few days before Christmas.

This year Christmas Day falls on a Thursday. That means the 27th and 28th are a weekend. That could mean no-one will be available after Christmas Eve to talk to PQs until Monday 29 December.

The tutor wondered what CIMA’s opening hours would be over the Christmas holidays. “Some staff may have to make changes to their plans,” he suggested. Phones will have to be fully manned on the 24th and 29th, he suggested. 

By trying to help the worry is that CIMA could leave students ‘up in the air’. “Is there no way they can get them out the week earlier,” asked another lecturer. That way everyone really will be a winner. Even the 22nd would be better, they said. 

The tutors said PQ magazine has to start the campaign to have a new results date – Thursday 18 December. So PQs what do you think? 

source -

CIMA 2015 syllabus - a guide - PQ Magazine Interview with CIMA’s director of learning, Peter Stewart

So, the nine practice tests are now out there for everyone to see. CIMA released OT papers to PQs on 7 July – you have to go to to see them. As we revealed on the front page the pass mark for these tests will be 70%. And yes you would have known that in April if you had been reading PQ magazine. 

So what will the new tests look like? Well each will comprise of 60 items (questions). CIMA stresses that every component learning outcome will be tested in the 90 minutes. Each exam will have a 15 minute tutorial to help students familiarize themselves with the test environment and this must be completed before the test begins. 
There is no specific order for questions and some might be related to a common scenario, says the guidance. 

Candidate can change their responses as many times as they wish in the time available and you can leave a question and come back to it at a later stage.

Once you have completed the 60 items a review screen will become available and candidates can review all items. No extra time is given for this review.

Students are then prompted twice to ask them if they are sure they wish to ‘End Exam’. 

A range of question types will be used. The main types will be multiple choice, multiple response, number entry, drag and drop, drop down and hot spot.

All questions are equally weighted and independent. So where questions are based on the same scenario, each question will be independent so no candidates will be penalised for an incorrect answer to an earlier question. 

Once completed a score will be provided at the centre. This score will be a scaled score (scaled scores are used to turn raw percentage marks into a mark that balances out any minor differences between the different versions of the test). CIMA will be going into more details about this after the summer.

Feedback on performance in each of the syllabus topics will be provided to assist with the preparation for either a resit or for the case study exam for each level.

Stewart wanted to stress that the introduction of OTs don’t make the exams easier. “When you have done your learning an OT can seem ‘easier to answer’ because there is no unfairness. That means if you know the whole syllabus then 70% should be comfortable target,” he suggested.

He really wanted to stress that students need to take time to look at the practice tests, particular ones that students had most recently passed. “These are not just simple multiple choice tests. Students shouldn’t fool themselves that the exams will be easier come January,” he stressed. PQs could also be adding another six months to the length it takes them to qualify and this will have to be explained on any CV

EL Car Company Predicted Issues - T4 Pre-seen August 2014 - Sample

Nick's sample video of his top 10 issues that could come up in the August exam based on the EL Car Company Preseen. Get the full video series enter here - 

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CIMA Sri Lanka Prize winners for May 2014 full list with institutes

Wisdom Businesses Academy 

CIMA Subject                                    Student Name                                      Marks     World Rank        Lecturer
Performance Operations (PO)       Mr. Amidu Silva                            n/a               n/a               n/a
Performance Management (PM)   Mr.N.B.A Thushara Sandakalum   n/a               n/a            n/a

n/a - not available 

Achievers Lanka Business school

CIMA SubjectStudent Name MarksWorld RankLecturer
Enterprise OperationsRavindu Gajavikum Kalamulla8237Jairaj Krishnakumar / Shafraz Saleem
Enterprise ManagementMohamed Hameem846Jairaj Krishnakumar / Shafraz Saleem
Performance OperationsDewni Ayeshvari Mapalagama8731Shehan Adikari
Financial ManagementFathima Aneeka Hameed Deen875Azad Hye / Surath Chandrasena
Financial StrategyShalanika Gangani Dayarathna & HP Kushani Madhushika8120Senaka Kakiriwaragodage
T4 Case StudyKanishkaa Balakrishnan39 credits5Senaka Kakiriwaragodage
Masters GatewayMalin Manjula Samaranayake6392Azad Hye / Shehan Adhikari / Delon Kellar / Mahesh Semage / Ali Asger
Highest Aggregate - Strategic LevelShalanika Gangani Dayarathna & HP Kushani Madhushika21347Ravi Edirisinghe / J Krishnakumar / Senaka Kakiriwaragodage / Shehan Adhikar

CIMA Subject                                Student Name               Marks              World Rank                          Lecturer

Performance Operations          Amaan Miflal                   n/a                        n/a                                 n/a
Performance Strategy             Lakna Panditharathne      n/a                        n/a                                n/a

Enterprise strategy                 Supun Walpola                  n/a                        n/a                                n/a

Self Study 

CIMA Subject                                Student Name                              Marks              World Rank             

Financial operation                    Riffath Rizvi                               n/a                        n/a 

courtesy - 

Progressing from CIMA Strategic papers to T4 - Assessment criteria and How to pass techniques

Using your E3 knowledge

Using your P3 knowledge 

Using your F3 knowledge

courtesy - , Kaplan Financial

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