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CIMA announces that November's exam results will be released in record time - on 23 December - PQ magazine

CIMA has decided to get its November exam results out in record time.

The November sitting is the last under the current set-up, and there are big changes ahead in 2015.

Originally it was decided that the results would be released in very early January 2015. However, PQ magazine has learnt that CIMA plans to release the November results on…23 December 2014. That’s just five short weeks after the November exams are sat.

Now, this may seem good in many ways, but the concern is how students will get the information and advice they need it. 
Colleges and CIMA itself will have to be full-staffed on both the 23rd and 24th of December. One concerned tutor wondered when he was going to get his Turkey!

The tutor stressed he and his staff would, of course, be there for students but he also wonder if anyone at CIMA had really thought through the practicalities of pushing the results to a few days before Christmas.

This year Christmas Day falls on a Thursday. That means the 27th and 28th are a weekend. That could mean no-one will be available after Christmas Eve to talk to PQs until Monday 29 December.

The tutor wondered what CIMA’s opening hours would be over the Christmas holidays. “Some staff may have to make changes to their plans,” he suggested. Phones will have to be fully manned on the 24th and 29th, he suggested. 

By trying to help the worry is that CIMA could leave students ‘up in the air’. “Is there no way they can get them out the week earlier,” asked another lecturer. That way everyone really will be a winner. Even the 22nd would be better, they said. 

The tutors said PQ magazine has to start the campaign to have a new results date – Thursday 18 December. So PQs what do you think? 

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