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Prioritization technique in T4 (TOPCIMA) by NICK BEST

CIMA T4 TOPCIMA Prioritisation | Prioritisation within the CIMA T4 TOPCIMA communication is important to passing.

T4 TOPCIMA - A guide to prioritisation
In the communication, you've got to order the problems within the unseen in priority order, and take care of the problems so as of importance throughout your report.

Getting this right is important to success. associate incorrect prioritisation won't simply lose marks underneath the prioritisation section, however underneath alternative headings too. If you are doing not embody the examiner’s high a pair of problems anyplace in your report it's terribly troublesome to pass, but sensible your report.

Take a systemised approach to Prioritisation!

One key downside individuals usually face is that of constructing broad, general assessments of priorities, supported feelings instead of absolutely evaluating the difficulty. Gut feel and intuition is helpful from time to time, however it's fraught with danger during this instance, since what ‘feels’ sort of a major issue, on more scrutiny will usually prove to not be. Intuition will assist you create your call, however should not be the premise of your higher cognitive process. Instead it's very important that have a transparent technique to assist you create your call.

Critical to your success may be a extremely systematic technique of prioritisation, that creates prioritisation problems clear and fast. Nick’s technique relies on associate analysis for every unseen issue of the 3 key components given to US by the examiner:

1. Timescale (short to long-term)
2. Scale of impact (most vital to least)
3. Degree of risk (highest to lowest)

In our T4 TOPCIMA course videos and notes Nick outlines the way to use criteria as a part of a transparent system, to make sure that prioritisation is completed quickly (a key mistake is taking too long on this) and accurately. we have a tendency to additionally go through a prioritisation live throughout our teleseminars, thus you'll see however this can be done and might raise queries as we have a tendency to proceed.

Do be decisive at this stage. several unsuccessful students say that the unsuccessful, not as a result of the incorrect order, however as a result of they took farewell to make a decision, they may not complete their script within the allotted time.

You should range your high four problems solely. though you'll discuss alternative problems, there's seldom time out there to try and do thus, and infrequently to individuals get around to doing this.

Prioritisation within the report

In your report you must have a separate prioritisation section that clearly sets out your prioritisation order. for every of your high four problems embody underneath a separate heading for every unseen issue prioritised your reasoning for the order you've got your problems in. This reasoning ought to embody comments on impact, urgency and risk and clearly state why problems square measure within the order they're in.
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