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20 Study Hacks to boost Your Memory - Helpful for CIMA Students during the exam time

20 Study Hacks to enhance Your Memory in CIMA exams 

1. Walk Before associate degree test

It’s been verified that exercise will boost your memory and brainpower. analysis conducted by Dr. Chuck Hillman of the University of Illinois provides proof that concerning twenty minutes exercise before associate degree test will improve performance.

Study Hacks: Walk Before test

2. Speak aloud rather than merely Reading

Although this could cause you to look slightly crazy, provides it a go! you'll be shocked what quantity a lot of you'll be able to bear in mind once you’ve the same it aloud. Warning: Don’t do that in a very jam-pawncked library!

Study Hack: Speak aloud

3. Reward Yourself With A Treat

There area unit some ways to integrate a gift system into your study habits. Here’s a straightforward thanks to encourage yourself to check with glutinous Bears:

Study Hacks Reward System

4. Teach What you've got Learned

The best thanks to check if you actually perceive one thing is to undertake to show it to some other person. If you can’t get anyone to concentrate on you make a case for the philosopher Theorem, why not teach a category of stuffed animals!

Study Hacks: Teach What you have Learned

5. produce Mental Associations

The ability to create connections isn't solely a better thanks to bear in mind data, however it’s the fuel of power and intelligence. Steve Jobs magnificently same “Creativity is simply connecting things. after you raise artistic folks however they did one thing, they feel slightly guilty as a result of they didn’t very jazz, they merely saw something”.

Mind Maps area unit a straightforward thanks to connecting ideas by making a visible summary of various connections. browse a lot of concerning the advantages of exploitation Mind Maps to find out here.

Study Hacks: produce Mental Associations

6. Draw Diagrams

Drawing diagrams can assist you to visualize data which might be exhausting to explain. This creates a visible memory in your mind which might be recalled in the associate degree test. you will even be asked to draw or label diagrams like the human heart in your test thus get practicing!

7. Times New Roman is that the quickest Font to browse

Simply place – there’s a reason why Times New Roman is that the default font on most applications!

Study Hacks: Times New Roman Font

8. Use Apps to dam Distracting Sites

The SelfControl app helps you to avoid distractions by obstruction websites for a particular quantity of your time. Discover a lot of student apps to create student life easier in our journal post “12 Student Apps You Don’t wish to Miss!”.

Study Hacks: Student Apps

9. Watch a Documentary on the subject

Documentaries area unit associate degree fun method of compacting a whole story into a brief time frame. this can assist you to bear in mind key details from a story and you will even get further credit for mentioning that you just took the initiative and watched a movie concerning the topic!

10. Search Google sort of a professional

Save time once researching sources on-line by mastering the largest computer program within the world; Google. Follow the ideas during this image to seek out what you wish at your fingertips:

Study Hacks: Search Google sort of a professional

11. produce Flashcards for fast Memory Buzz

Quickly check your information on key ideas, definitions, quotes, and formulas with flashcards. sign on to ExamTime currently to make your 1st notice deck just like the one below now!

you can create flash cards for free Here -

12. Take Regular Study Breaks

When your brain is functioning, you wish to require regular study breaks to assist your brain absorb a lot of data however conjointly to stay you impelled and centered after you area unit operating. Take a brief break when 45-50 minutes study as your focus and concentration can become impaired when this era, something new when one-hour half-hour doesn't get assimilated.

Study Hacks: Take Study Breaks

13. hear the right kind of Music

In our journal post “Music for Studying: ten Tips to choose the most effective Study Music” we tend to look into the world of however the right forms of music will cause a lot of productive learning by elevating your mood. have you ever created your Mozart Spotify playlist yet?

Study Hacks: hear Study Music

14. create Your Study area transportable

We could also be creatures of habit with favorite seats within the library however data retention truly improves after you vary the places wherever you study. explore this Buzzfeed video for a lot of study hacks:

15. Practice, Practice, Practice…

Practicing sample answers to past test queries will facilitate train your brain to retrieve data. produce realistic, exam-like conditions and check your understanding by exploitation  new Quiz tool.

you can find free and premium CIMA (Mock) practice exams here  -

16. Don’t stay awaken All Night Before associate degree test

Make sure to induce adequate rest the nights leading up to your exams. after you sleep, your brain assimilates the knowledge you've got learned once learning thus obtaining an honest night’s sleep can assist you to bear in mind those bothersome maths formulas you wish for your exam!

Do create  your sleep schedule:

Study Hacks: Sleep Schedule

17. Discover News ways that to find out

Trying new ways of learning will assist you notice what very works for you. Use technology to your advantage by look instructional tough guy Talks or downloading helpful lexicon apps for instance. browse a lot of concerning the advantages of exploitation technology to check.

18. Use Scents or Gum to Jog Your Memory

This may appear somewhat random however spraying associate degree unfamiliar scent whereas you’re learning will facilitate jog your memory after you spray it once more simply before associate degree test. change of state a weird quite gum can work constant method.

Study Hacks: Unfamiliar Scents

19. Study in a very cluster

Studying in a very cluster will assist you to collect new insights to boost your learning expertise. The ExamTime teams tool is associate degree innovative spin on the normal study cluster formula. Our team's tool helps you share resources, discuss ideas, and move with members of your team or cluster project. sign on here to induce started!

study hacks -  study in a very cluster

20. Meditate

Studies say that meditation will facilitate students to keep centered once learning. Not solely can meditation assist you concentrate once learning however it'll facilitate cut back pre-exam stress because it improves each mental and physical health.

Check out this Meditation Education infographic on Edutopia that details the academic edges of meditating:

the final piece of recommendation for those of you sitting exams is to remain positive. It’s wonderful however a positive perspective will impact your test results or encourage you to finish that assignment once all you would like to try to do is head to bed!

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