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CIMA September 2014 pass rates

Operational level 

Performance Operation -   P1 51%

Enterprise Operation        E1 63%

Financial Operation          F1 61%

Management level 

Performance Management  P2 27%

Enterprise Management     E2 58%

Financial Management       F2 52%

Strategic level 

Performance Strategy -  P3 58%

Enterprise Strategy       E3 40%

Financial Strategy         F3 56%

T4 -                   57%

CIMA's resit pass rates are in for the September sitting, and it is fair to say they are a bit mixed.

P2 stands out with a pass rate of just 27%. 

The other standout paper (for the wrong reasons) is E3 where the pass rate slumped 10% to just 40%. 

Students had already aforementioned this test was 

'unpleasant' and 'a struggle'.

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