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CIMA Exams magic study tips and tricks

  • Make a weekly study schedule. Getting into a routine is the best way to ensure you're doing enough

check here how to create effective study plan for the CIMA exams -
  • If you want to listen to music as you study, try songs without words. This helps prevent distractions

  • Use mnemonics (e.g. CLUMP for Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions) to really help remember key topics

  • Have incentives! Keep yourself motivated by having rewards after a productive session.

  • Learn the most important facts first - then go back through other, fringe areas of the syllabus.

  • Give yourself plenty of breaks. Work hard for 40-50 mins, then have a 5-10 min break in a different room.

  • Block Facebook and Youtube! If you get easily distracted, you can get apps to help stop your mind wandering.

  • Eat properly! Keep up the fruit and veg, and try some 'brain foods' such as oily fish and blueberries.

  • Rest. Get plenty of sleep, and stop studying at least an hour before bed to prevent accounting dreams.   

  • Clear your mind 1st. Jot down any thoughts that aren't study related, and come back to them once you're done.

  • Make it fun! Use funny stories and ways of remembering things to keep them fresh.

  • Do a proper mock. Before the real exam, do a full length mock or past paper to practice timing and technique.

  • Make revision cards. Condense the key topics into small cards that you can revise from more easily.

  • Avoid big nights out. This may seem a great break at the time, but you'll regret it the next day.

  • Drink plenty of water. Keep yourself hydrated whilst studying and during the exam itself.

  • Let people know you've got an important exam coming up. They'll be less likely to disturb you.

  • Visualize success. Believe in yourself - you've worked hard for this exam, and soon you can celebrate passing.

  • Choose a nice pen! Find a pen that's comfortable and makes your writing neat - win the marker over early

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