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CIMA November 2014 exam feedback - PQ magazine

Here's what candidates thought...


Better than May’s exam, with a tough section C. This seems to have been the general consensus of sitters.


Relatively straight-forward. Candidates felt they had seen some of these question somewhere before! 


Most sitters seem to steer clear of Q2 and those building blocks. 


A lot to get through here, with section A & B pretty tough. Many sitters claim they simply ran out of time.


Q1 to Q4 great, then it was downhill all the way. Some (perhaps too many) students just couldn’t work out what the examiner wanted. Was Q7 a bad joke?, asked one.


Questions seemed reasonable, although it was difficult for some candidates to pin down the areas of the syllabus for section B.


A paper of two halves? The first half od the paper seemed to go swimmingly for most. Then it came to Q3 (the stand-out toughie). Students were also a little surprised to see consolidation appear after a long absence. 


A fair test. 


Sitters felt there was quite a lot of theory in this test. Time management a real problem for many.


PQs found this was a time challenged test. It was also suggested that there might have been an error in the paper. Candidates were asked to write a report to the Board, but then old "Your email should include..." So, were students meant to write a report or email?

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All candidates now have just a short wait until the results are released on 18 December.

If you did the CIMA exam This November 2014 feel free to comment your feedback below in the comment section with your subject. 
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