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CIMA operational case study exam (OCS)


The new CIMA case study exams for the 2015 syllabus contain a number of tasks involving material from E1, P1 and F1. The aim is to challenge you point with business related tasks. You  can expect this to be a tough assessment.

Available four times a year, the case study exams test what you have learnt at each level and reflect real-life work situations. 

This approach is rigorous and allows us to test a wider range of knowledge and skills across each level. It is designed in such a way to encourage you to go beyond specialising in a particular pillar.
 test skills including research and analysis, how to present information, and communication skills. The case study exams are human marked.

This change is a cornerstone of CIMA’s commitment to delivering the skills employers tell what they need.  changes in assessment contribute to our wider aim of improving your ‘employability’. 

The operational syllabus - what you are likely to be examined on:

Operational Level

E1 Organisational Management

P1 Management Accounting

F1 Financial Reporting and Taxation

Implement strategy

Report of strategy implementation

E1 Organisational Management

A)  Introduction to organisations

B) Managing the finance function

C) Managing technology  and information

D) Operations management

E) Marketing

F) Managing human resources

P1 Management Accounting

A) Cost accounting systems

B) Budgeting

C) Short-term decision making

D) Dealing with risk and uncertainty

F1 Financial Reporting and Taxation

A) Regulatory environment for financial reporting and corporate governance

B) Financial accounting and reporting

C) Management of working capital, cash and sources of short-term finance

D) Fundamentals of business taxation

The CIMA case study pre-seens

The exam questions will be based on pre-seen material .

The pre-seen material includes:

A two page company summary
Industry analysis
Financial information such as Balance sheets, P&L accounts, and cashflow statements.
You will need to understand the the company and industry before the exam.

The CIMA case study unseens

The unseens for the CIMA case study exams is the information given to you in the exam. It will consist of:

4-5 individual tasks, totalling a maximum of 3 hours
New info is presented to you as you progress through the exam, such as a new report or an email coming in from a senior employee
Included in this ‘new information’ will be details on what new steps need to be taken, but no set requirement will be given.
Time is controlled by the exam officiator. The time per task is a maximum available, when time has run out you must move on and after the task is finished you cannot return to it later on. Time management will be essential in achieving a good result

You will be expected to analysis and make suggestions based on financial data and information, but there will be no calculations as such.

Check the operational integrate case study  Practice exams and resources from CIMA 


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