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CIMA 2015 Deck Calendar free download - DIY CIMA 2015

CIMA 2015 Calendar free download 


Step 1 - Download the CIMA 2015 Calendar here 

Step - 2  

Place an A4 sized sheet of paper into your desktop
printer tray. Make sure the paper is of a thicker stock,
you don’t want your calendar to be flimsy. Then print
ONLY page 2 of this pdf file.

Step - 3 

Fold the sheet of paper along the four marked
lines. Make sure the printed area is facing

outward when you’ve finished all of the folds.

Step - 4 

Glue the marked surface and stick it to the
opposite end of the paper on the clear
(non-printed side) to finish making your calendar

that's it finished Now you have CIMA 2015 Calendar in your Desk 

All the best !!!!!!!

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