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CIMA management level case study


The new CIMA case study exam for the new CIMA 2015 syllabus involving material from E2, P2 and F2. The aim is to challenge you with tasks related to business. The new case study exams will be quite challenging and will be important that you focus on your exam techniques

The managerial syllabus

  • Monitor strategic implementation
  • Make sure the correct action is taken

E2 Project and Relationship Management

A) Introduction to strategic management and assessing the global environment

B) The human aspects of the organisation

C) Managing relationships

D) Managing change through projects

P2 Advanced Management Accounting

A) Cost planning and analysis for competitive advantage

B) Control and performance management of responsibility centres

C) Long-term decision making

D) Management control and risk

F2 Advanced Financial Reporting

A) Sources of long-term finance

B) Financial reporting

C) Analysis of financial performance and position


Unlike the professional exams on the current syllabus, you will now be able to sit the case study exams at a Pearson Vue Study centre on a computer up to four times a year (February, May, August and November).

You can sit the exam any day during that week. A different exam will be sat each day to stop any cheating!

Under the new syllabus you must complete the three objective tests and case study before you moving to the next level.

The CIMA case study preseens

The exam questions based on pre-seen material.

The preseen material includes:

A 2 page summary of the company
Industry analysis
Financial information such as P&L accounts, Balance sheets, and cash flow statements.
Unlike T4 you will not be required to do research to any great depth on the industry. You will however need to have a understanding of it and of the company it is based on.

The CIMA case study unseens

The unseens for the CIMA case study exams is the information given to you in the exam. It will consist of:

4-5 individual tasks, totalling a maximum of 3 hours, that's about 45 mins a task!
New info is presented to you as you progress through the exam in an in-tray format, this may include an email from a senior employee or a request for your views etc.
No set requirement will be given with this new info but will provide some suggestions on steps to be taken.
Time in the exam will be monitored by the examiner. Once the time allocated to a task has finished you will not have an opportunity to go back. As a result good time management will be key to successful completion of the new CIMA case study exams.

There will be no out and out calculations in the new CIMA case study but you must still need to know how to read and analyse financial information and make decisions and strategies based on it.

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