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CIMA November 2014 exam pass rates

CIMA has unveiled the November 2014 exam results.

CIMA's director of education, Noel Tagoe, said: "I am extremely pleased to see that there are some excellent student performances from around the world, as we have come to expect."

UK PASS RATES for 2014 exam 

Operational level 

Performance Operation -   P1 52%

Enterprise Operation        E1 65%

Financial Operation          F1 60%

Management level 

Performance Management  P2 41%

Enterprise Management     E2 61%

Financial Management       F2 66%

Strategic level 

Performance Strategy -  P3 60%

Enterprise Strategy       E3 54%

Financial Strategy         F3 54%

T4 -                   49%


Operational level 

Performance Operation -  P1 45%

Enterprise Operation        E1 56%

Financial Operation          F1 59%

Management level 

Performance Management  P2 33%

Enterprise Management     E2 53%

Financial Management       F2 62%

Strategic level 

Performance Strategy -  P3 51%

Enterprise Strategy       E3 40%

Financial Strategy         F3 47%

T4 -                   46%

Gateway papers
M1 – Master's gateway   57

Overall for gateway papers   63

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Update - Check out the latest press release from CIMA about pass rates -

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