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CIMA strategic case study exam (SCS)


The new CIMA strategic case study exam involves material from E3, P3 and F3. Please remember that the new strategic case study is replacing T4 so please keep in mind that it will be challenging with an emphasis on technique and approach and include more content from E3, P3 and F3 than the previous T4 exam.

Available four times a year, the case study exams test what you have learnt at each level and reflect real-life work situations.

The new Strategic syllabus

 The Strategic syllabus - what you are likely to be examined on:

Strategic level 

E3 Strategic Management

P3 Risk Management

F3 Financial Strategy

Making Strategic Decisions

Effective implementation of Strategy

E3 Strategic Management

A) Interacting with the organisations environment

B) Evaluating strategic position and options

C) Leading change

D) Implementing strategy

E) Information systems in organisational strategy

P3 Risk Management

A) Identification, classification and evaluation of Risk

B) Responses to strategic risk

C) Internal controls to manage risk

D) Managing risks associated with cash flows

E) Managing risks associated with capital investment

F3 Financial Strategy

A) Formulation of financial strategy

B) Financing and dividend decisions

C) Corporate finance

The CIMA Strategic Case Study Preseens

The exam questions based on pre-seen material.

The preseen material includes:

A two page company summary featuring the key facts

Analysis of the industry
Financial information and data, for example; Profit and Loss accounts, cash flow statements and balance sheets.
Unlike the old T4 you will not be required to do research to any great depth on the industry. You do however need to have an understanding of industry and also the company.

The CIMA Strategic Case Study Unseens

The unseens for the CIMA strategic case study exams are given to you in the exam. It will consist of:

4-5 individual tasks, that's about 45 mins a task! 3 hours in total.
Like a real day at work you will be given new information and tasks at intervals throughout the examination
This new info may be anything from a data report to an email from ‘your boss’ and will not contain a set task/requirement, but may contain some crucial information.
To reiterate a point mentioned earlier; time management will be more important than ever particularly as you will NOT be able to go back to a finished task later.

You will also need to know how to interpret financial data, however, you will not be asked explicitly to perform any calculations.

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