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Interview with Dinesh Dayalan who successfully completed the CIMA qualification in on the first attempt at his examinations

Congratulations to Dinesh Dayalan

CIMA would like to congratulate CIMA student Dinesh Dayalan on successful completion of the CIMA qualification, on first attempt at his examinations. He has now been awarded the ACMA (Associate Chartered Management Accountant) and CGMA designation (Chartered Global Management Accountant) after entering through the Gateway route.

Dinesh is a Sri Lankan national. He is currently attached to Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank as a Relationship Manager -Corporate Banking. His total banking experience is fourteen years with eight years in UAE and with three different banks.

Dinesh was happy to share his comments on his experience with Phoenix and CIMA

What academic background do you have and what made you decide to join CIMA?
Master of Business Administration - Middlesex University and Advance Certificate in Banking & Finance awarded by ifs School of Finance and Institute of Bankers -Sri Lanka. CIMA is a well recognized qualification which will help me to fast track my career progress.

How long is it since you have been in the classroom and how did you find it returning to study for a professional qualification?
Since I started CIMA immediately after completing my MBA, I did not find it too difficult to manage the challenges in preparing for CIMA.

Where there any obstacles you had to overcome whilst studying?
The main obstacle I had was managing between work, family and studies. Especially I had to put in long hours during my exam preparations for Strategic level.

You were able to pass all your exams first time round, what tips would you give to other students to achieve this?
Mainly practicing with CIMA past papers under exam conditions. Also, not missing any of the coaching/class sessions helped in this regard.

What support did you receive from Phoenix and your company throughout your studies?
Excellent coaching by Phoenix where the lecturers were tremendous in their support and guidance for exam preparation. I would like to personally mention the support extended by Vignesh Sivakumaran and Preethy Joseph within the class room sessions and beyond.
I would like to thank my wife Suhashini Marie Rajagopalan who is a CIMA qualified and an ex- Phoenix student for helping me to achieve this milestone.

What advice would you give to others looking to enter CIMA through the Gateway route?
Gateway route provides an excellent opportunity to be CIMA qualified in a short span if time provided the required amount of effort and dedication is put in. Especially for MBA's the Gateway route provides an excellent opportunity to obtain this well recognized qualification.

How do you feel the ACMA/CGMA designation will help you moving forward?
This will help me progress in my current job which is banking as well as to expand the scope of switching career specifically in the fields of finance, treasury and risk management.

Congratulations Dinesh, we wish you all the best for your future.

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