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Tips for passing objective test question (OTQ)

Melanie has a 100% success rate in getting her delegates through multiple choice style questions. She shares her Top 5 tips for delegates about to take their exams:

1. Time: calculate before the exam how much time you have to answer each question. Move to the next question either once you have answered it or have run out of time

2. Practice: make use of practice exam papers to get familiar with the style and timings - ( Check out the High quality CIMA Mock exams here - ) 

3. Control: inside knowledge of what the examiner is thinking (Melanie has written and advised on many exams in the past)

4. Questions: tips on 'how' to read the questions

5. Answers: tips on giving the right answer before looking at the options given.

If you want to read more about Melanie then go to -

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