Writing approach for CIMA Strategic Case Study Exam

The typical writing issues often see in scripts are:

  • Unfocused answers which fail to fully answer the question asked
  • Long answers that should get to the point in fewer words
  • Bad grammar and spelling that makes for confusing reading
  • Missed opportunities for applying answers to the unseen and preseen scenario

for more videos visit here  -astranti.com/cima/strategic/casestudy/

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For more resources visit here - http://www.exploreaccountancy.com/p/strategic-level-case-study-exam-scs.html

CIMA February/March 2015 Case study exams timetable (Important dates )

 Exam entry opening

  Operational Case study         Management/Gateway case study                                   Strategic Case study                                           
 Friday 19  December                            Friday 19  December                                     Friday 19  December

Exam entry closing

 Operational Case study                  Management/Gateway case study                             Strategic Case study 

5pm (UK time) Monday 9 February     5pm (UK time) Monday 16 February            5pm (UK time) Monday 23 February

Exam dates

 Operational Case study                   Management/Gateway case study                                Strategic Case study 

 24 February to  28 February                   3 March to 7 March                                    10 March to 14 March


 Operational Case study                     Management/Gateway case study                            Strategic Case study

Thursday 2 April                                        Friday 10 April                                        Thursday 16 April

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The Keys to Passing the CIMA Strategic Case Study (SCS) exam - Top tips videos

This is a free video sample of the following series 

1 - The Keys to Passing the Strategic Case Study Exam

2 - The Exam 

3 - Your Role in the Strategic Case Study Exam

4 - How to analyse the pre-seen in Strategic Case Study Exam

5 - Identifying the requirements in Strategic Case Study Exam

6 - Why you must plan your answers in Strategic Case Study Exam

7 - The 9 stages of exam planning for Strategic Case Study Exam

8 - Planning practice for Strategic Case Study Exam 

9 - Writing Approach for Strategic Case Study Exam

10 - Writing Practise for Strategic Case Study Exam

11 - How is the Strategic Case Study Exam marked? 

12 - Time management in Strategic Case Study Exam

13 - Preparing for the SCS exam 

 you can access to downloadable audio versions of the same video by visiting the below links

For full video series and free tips visit here -


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How to schedule a CIMA Exam?? - Find here

CIMA Students are now able to schedule (book) 2015 professional qualification objective tests and case study exams, certificate in business accounting exams, and Islamic finance exams, all through using this method.

Follow this four easy steps:

1)  Log into MY CIMA Account 

To Log in you need your CIMA contact ID and password, which you receive when you register with CIMA. 

If you don’t know your Contact ID or password, email or call CIMA with your full name, date of birth and postcode ,

Here is a contact details 

 Mail id - cima.contact@cimaglobal.com
 Phone -     -+44 (0)20 8849 2251 

2)  If required, confirm your details and settle any outstanding payments with CIMA

Make sure your details are up-to-date on your MY CIMA account. You won’t be able to schedule an exam if you have any outstanding payments yet to be made. You can select  whether you would like to pay for your exam now, or choose to pay for it later.

3)  Select ‘Schedule your exam’

You’ll be transferred to the Pearson VUE website – you won’t need to log on again.

4)  Schedule your exam(s)

You’ll choose the exam you want to sit and go through the payment process (unless you have chosen to pay later). Once this has been processed you’ll be transferred back to MY CIMA.

Yeah your are done with the CIMA Exam Schedule process , Best wishes with your exams.

Option 2 - Book CIMA exam By phone

You can also schedule an exam over the phone by calling the CIMA contact centre on +44 (0)20 8849 2251 and they’ll request your details then transfer you to Pearson VUE who will schedule your exam and take your payment (unless you have chosen to pay later).


Once you have scheduled your exam - whether online or by phone - you will receive a confirmation email from Pearson VUE.

Courtesy - http://www.cimaglobal.com/Students/Exam-resources-and-information/Enter-professional-qualification-exams/

FM Magazine February 2015 - CIMA Financial management February 2015 Read online

Read Fm Magazine online with out Apps

Highlights of this issue 

Sri Mulyani Indrawati, managing director and COO of the World Bank Group, on the organisation’s efforts to reduce global poverty and promote prosperity

How Omar Fatha Rally FCMA, CGMA, went from Harvard Business School to turning business process outsourcing firm Tellida into an outsourcing giant in Sri Lanka

Do anti–capitalist writings shape the sentiments of the global financial community?

Articles & Study Notes 

Tips - Please Use Pc or laptop to Read magazine also use high speed internet and Just read the page and go to next page using arrow key in the Right hand side , please avoid playing audio and videos inside the magazine that are clickable but its may struck

For better view choose full screen mode from the right hand side

Thanks enjoy Reading

                                you can download the FM magazine app here

CIMAsphere to close at end of January - CIMAConnect is Introduced

CIMA announced that it closed CIMASphere Community from January 2015 and CIMA asked students to join the below platforms.

Here is a message from CIMA

As part of CIMA's continuous effort to find ways to support our members and students better, we will be focusing our effort on the CIMA LinkedIn group as a discussion and networking platform for members. CIMAconnect will be the study support and social platform for students.  

CIMA Strategic Level Integrated Case Study (SCS) Study text - A two part guide

This year CIMA have made big changes to the structure of their syllabus. One of those changes has been the introduction of a Strategic Level Case Study Exam. 

To prepare you for this exam, check this two CIMA Strategic case study texts that are specifically designed to help you pass this exam.

                                 CIMA SCS Study Text Part 1

cover every aspect of the exam from every possible angle, and teach you exactly how you can prepare for it.  Its go  into depth on the preseen analysis, how to manage your time, and precisely what the exam will involve

CIMA SCS Study Text Part 2

Author have taken the entire strategic syllabus (almost 700 pages of material!) and condensed it into a single manageable textbook, covering all of the key theories and models you must know in order to pass the SCS exam

In each textbook  also included over 35 blank proformas that are designed to help you in your SCS preseen analysis, from SWOT analysis to financial objectives.

most of the students and tuition providers are not familiar with the new style of SCS exam yet , its highly recommend to read this guide Study text and improve your chance of passing the SCS exam in first attempt


CIMA  F3 - FINANCIAL STRATEGY Study Guides ,F3 Free Study texts , Notes ,F3 revision questions, F3 Mock exams , F3 free Video lectures , F3 Articles etc 

                         Click here to access the F3 resources 


CIMA  P3 - RISK MANAGEMENT Study Guides ,P3 Free Study texts , Notes ,P3 revision questions, P3 Mock exams , P3 free Video lectures , P3 Articles etc 

CIMA - E3 Strategic Management Resources

CIMA E3 Strategic management Study Guides ,E3 Free Study texts , Notes , E3 Mock exams , E3 Video lectures , E3 Articles etc 

How the new CIMA 2015 computer based exam process will work - PQ magazine

Holding two forms of ID, PQ magazine pressed the buzzer at the Pearson Vue exam centre in High Holborn recently. Inside waiting for us was Damien Fletcher from Pearson Vue, Vienn Chan from CIMA and centre manager Chris Mason.

From January, CIMA students will no longer have to turn up to a big, soulless hall. The move to computer-based testing means candidates can sit their tests anywhere, any place, any time! So what exactly will that be like? We decided to find out.

First things first – we showed the booking in desk our two forms of ID. One has to be a photo ID – a driving licence or passport. The other has to have a signature on it (credit or debit cards are fine). Interestingly, Vienn struggled to find two pieces of ID that were up-to-date. So there’s a lesson there straight away – the ID has to be ‘in date’.

CIMA students will then be asked what test they are booked in for and be given a set of Pearson’s Professional exam rules. Top of that list is ‘no personal items in the testing room’! As well as mobile phones, that includes wallets, hats, bags, coats, books and notes (Pearson has lockers at every centre for exam sitters’ personal effects).

After checking that your ID is ‘in date’ there will be a visual check against the photo. Your name will then be checked to ensure that it is on the system and a photo is captured. Next up is a digital signature on the Epad ink. There was also a palm capture camera on the desk, but CIMA doesn’t ask for this – yet!

Once you are all signed in then you put all your stuff in the locker. The only things you will have with you at this point are a locker key, your ID and a calculator.

You will then be shown to the testing room. Each room has a invigilator who will check your ID and ask you again to make sure you have emptied your pockets. The invigilator sits at a station which has CCTV cameras. They also have plenty of tissues. Your test will also be put into an unscheduled break mode if you do need the toilet, but remember the clock keeps on ticking.

Interestingly, candidates will be offered earplugs. Centre manger Chris pointed out that the testing rooms are not totally silent environment; people come in and out of the room while you are taking the test. If you want to use earplugs then it may be an idea to practice with them beforehand.

The whole process seemed really calm and controlled, and a big plus of using one of Pearson Vue’s 5,000 centres is they are standardised around the world – whether you are in London or Lahore. They are temperature controlled at 22 degrees; the lighting has a standard setting; and there are clocks on every wall. The centres open at 8.15am and closes at 4.15pm. That means if you are booking a CIMA test the last time you can book is 2.45pm.

Once you have finished the test you have to raise your hand and your result will be waiting for you at the front desk. When we were there two CIMA candidates were sitting exams, while another failed to turn up.

PQ understands that students will also be able to sit exams at Kaplan and BPP, as both have applied to become Pearson Vue exam centres – as have other CIMA Learning Partners.

Pearson Vue said that outside the UK and North America test centres can vary in terms of layout and internal environment, with the aim of providing the best test experience for candidates.

Courtesy - http://www.pqaccountant.com/

What to expect in a Pearson VUE test center - Helpful video for CIMA Students

An Interesting animation video about What to expect in a Pearson VUE test center Very helpful video for CIMA students since most of the CIMA exams will be held in a Pearson VUE test center 

Courtesy - Pearson VUE

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