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Advice for CIMA Strategic case study students from the CIMA SCS examiner's report

The examiner's report for the March exam includes some really important points that everyone should be aware of.
These are the 4 key issues from the report:

1 - “The main problems were candidates failing to answer what was asked and writing everything they knew on the topic being asked about and candidates using completely irrelevant models."

2 - "There were no marks available for random models and candidates sometimes had long lists of models in their answers."

3 - "There was little evidence of knowledge of the pre-seen material which was surprising, it was as if candidates did not realize it was important."

4 - "In most of the questions it was hoped that candidates would be able to use industry knowledge and knowledge of the company to help formulate answers; there was little evidence of this.

It's clear from reading the report that the examiner wants detailed, specific and APPLIED answers.
Many student's fall into the trap of writing down everything they know on a subject and fail to answer the question that was asked.

It is vital that your answer relates directly to the question asked and you must ensure that all the theory and models that are used are relevant!

A great way to avoid this mistake is by having good plan and a structured writing approach. This will ensure the requirements of the question are fully understood.

Read the full examiner's report here.

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