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After the exam advice for CIMA Students

Avoid " postmortems"

Don't compare answers with other students . some may say they found the exam easy and some may say they found the exam difficult but neither of these are relevant comparisons to your own performance. This will only make you stressed and besides there is nothing you can do about it.    

Don't look back over your revision immediately after your exam 

It’s impossible for you to remember everything in the exam and by looking over your previous revision you are bound to find areas that you didn’t include. This doesn’t however mean it was a bad answer!

Concentrate on your next exams not the ones you've just taken 

Most of you will be going on to new exams whether it's a new objective test or a case study exam, why not start to look at new material 

Establish areas that you felt you didn't do so well in the exam but could be relevant for next one 

This could be areas such as time management or the structure of your answer. These will apply to all your future exams so now may be a good opportunity to think about how you could improve on those areas 

Don't worry, it's over

Take a few days off and do something fun. You deserve it!

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