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10 Tasks you MUST do before the CIMA Strategic case study exam!

It's the last weekend before the SCS exam, so now is the time for the final push to secure the pass you're looking for!
Here is the list of 10 things you need to do as part of your last few days of revision:

1Read the CIMA SCS Examiners report The report is VITAL reading. It's the first chance we've had to really get to the heart of what the examiner is looking for. It will help you to find out exactly what scores marks, what you should be including and what you don't need to include in your answers. May Examiners Report 

2) Spend some time ensuring you are familiar with the pre-seen analysis and industry background. Consider the issues that could come up in the exam and the implications for the business.

 Being aware of these before you get into the exam will put you at a significant advantage as you will be able to write more comprehensive solutions.

find some free demo materials here 

3) Final mock exams. 
Your aim should be to complete a full script with each section being well developed. This will cement the exam practise you have been doing to date, and ensure you have your time management mastered. If you have time for two or three then even better! - find some mock exams here 

4) Create a one-page summary of pre-seen facts to learn. (e.g. cash-flow statement, who are the people and what are the key figures). You do not want to be referring back to the pre-seen on the day of the exam as you simply do not have time, and your main focus will be on the unseen material.

5) Ask any outstanding questions to your tutor or Friends 

6) On the day before the exam, a full mock is probably a little too much, particularly for those of you at work, so a mini-mock exam is perfect for this day to firmly cement your approach. If you've not done it yet - attempt our free mini-mock from the Members Area.
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7) Write and memorise some pre-learned paragraphs. This can score easy marks in the exam. You should memorise paragraphs which take a piece of theory such as a model, explain how it works and then apply it to the pre-seen.

8) Revise key theories and models. It is vital that you learn all the key theory. You should know this by now of course, but one final review is important.

9) On the morning of the examreview your key facts sheet and strategic analysis of the case pre-seen so they are fresh in your mind
10) Attend the SCS Masterclass  - The aim of the day is to put you in the best possible position for your exam next week, with a focus on what it takes to pass and you need to do to score more marks on exam day. It could be the difference between passing and failing! - Find a sample Masterclass video here 

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