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How to face Ethics questions in the CIMA Case Study exams - useful ethics pack from Astranti

As accountants it is easy for us to focus on areas that we feel most comfortable with such as statistics and fact based answers!

Ethics is an area which requires us to think differently and develop opinions on somewhat subjective issues.

 Ethics Pack from Astranti will help you to understand what you need to know and how to build this into your Case Study exam answers.

Remember, Ethics based questions are difficult to avoid and will appear throughout your CIMA studies from Operational to Strategic level!

The Ethics Pack will be extremely useful to students taking Case Study exams across ALL levels, OCS, MCS and SCS.

The pack is a combination of a video (over an hour in length!) and an online ebook. 

It covers areas including:
  • Why ethics is so important at Case Study level
  • The theory of ethics and its application to the exam
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and its application to the pre-seen
  • How to use CIMA's ethical code - which the examiner said could be used on almost any ethical question.
  • Why students ethical sections are typically so poor.
  • A checklist of ethical headings to consider to analyse ethical issues in depth and maximise marks.
  • How to write ethical recommendation in depth.
  • What examiners say about ethics in the exam.
  • A standard structure to use in the exam to maximise marks on ethics questions.
Ethics is a highly examinable topic and has appeared in every case study since they were introduced at the start of the year.

To give you an idea of this please see the table below:

Exam Number of Variants that have included Ethics
 SCS May Exam3/5 variants
 MCS May Exam3/5 variants
OCS May Exam
4/5 variants
SCS March Exam3/5 variants
MCS March Exam4/5 variants
OCS March Exam4/5 variants

As you can see ethics is a vital topic for you to revise, as there is around a 70% chance that you will get a variant that includes ethical issues.
The recent examiners report also mentioned that ethical issues were often overlooked by candidates or they were only briefly addressed in their answers.

To give you an idea of the style and content of Ethics Pack, take a look at sample video from Astranti.

This 14 minute video introduces you to Ethics and discusses why this subject is so important


If you like to know how to write the perfect answer to an Ethics questions, the full pack can be purchased via the link here -

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