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Some really interesting responses from CIMA students in Astranti survey

Some really interesting responses from students in our SCS Experience Survey!

It seems that the February 2016 exam went well for the majority of students but I have noticed that there are three main themes which have emerged from the feedback:

1. Importance of Mock Exams

We asked respondents what their advice would be for future students and in their responses they emphasised the importance of completing as many mocks as you can.
I often hear how important mock exams have been in helping students get used to the exam format, testing their knowledge and perfecting their exam technique. This sitting has been no different!

“Mocks mocks and more mocks”
“Practice mock exams under time pressure”
“Practice, practice, practice and take at least nine mocks with marking and feedback”

2. Issues With Time Management

Time management is an area which is often brought up by students, and it is one of the most important issues you need to address before your exam.
It seems SCS students from the February sitting once again struggled with managing time in the exam.
“Time management and answer planning i.e. how to construct the answer in a structured manner, within the time constraint.”
“Ran out of time to expand paragraphs for further detail”
“I could have done better in time management to include a little more context to the answer”

3. Identifying Question Requirements 

In order to answer a question correctly, it is vital to understand exactly what the question requires from you.
This can be challenging. It is an issue which has been brought to my attention by many students and is one of the main topics raised by the respondents to the survey.
“Focussing precisely on the question asked”
“Quicker identification of requirements. Better understanding of requirements”
“The nature and presentation of the question. Difficult to identify what the question is.”
Lessons to be learnt!
It is interesting to hear feedback from our students, and it also a great opportunity for students who are yet to take their exams to learn from others.

The three themes outlined above are issues which we hear on a regular basis, so it really is important to be aware of these and make sure you address them.

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