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How to pass CIMA MCS exam top tips from Dilshan

Dilshan Sasanka who recently passed CIMA MCS exam , He is sharing his experience and tips he followed during his MCS exam with Explore Accountancy team member Andrew.   

I have finished my OTQ 's I  started with P2 and ended up with F2. So I  remembered all the stuff  in F2 syllabus but i make sure to go through all the three subjects from the beginning. Because to pass the case we need to have through knowledge on all three pillars. (which may tested under Technical skills)

 I have more focus on business skills which may test your pre-seen knowledge plus industry analysis.In my case spark space which is a service sector who were in between of hardware manufacture and large re-tellers.Which may not familiar so i  visited many  websites which  were excite  real world. In addition to that i bought Astranti industry analysis video which help to enhance the techniques and knowledge.

Some  points i  jot down from our facebook group  which make my life easy because other wise every point which i might need to google.

Finally i have allocated considerable amount of time to go through last four past papers.
Most of the people  arguing point was what the issue tested on old stuff but We have got new pre seen or company .In my point  we don't need to  go each and every pre seen we just read the unseen  part of the question (trigger) and the examiner's answer to have an idea of to past how do we need to write.

An important point of going through past papers is we tend to balance our skills. (Technical,business,people, leadership) Finally for future students who are planning to do exams my advice is have a proper plan of study session and keep in touch with fb page

Finally to get a gain synergy benefit i recommended to have a study group I thanked specifically who were in our group  Farah,Sarah,Shannen and Rukmla for their supports also specially need to mention the support gave through out the time by Mr. Andrew is unbelievable.

We thanked Dilshan for sharing amazing tips and we wish him all the best for his CIMA strategic OTQ exams. 

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