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MCS November 2016 Students Experience Survey result

MCS November 2016 Students Experience Survey result
MCS November 2016 Students Experience Survey result 

Astranti conducted a survey among MCS November 2016 candidates. Here are some valuable feedback from candidates  it's important for any future MCS student to look at these survey results and see what lessons can be learned.

How difficult did you find the exam compared to your expectations?

Much more difficult516.7%
More Difficult1446.7%
As Expected930%
Much Easier00%

What went well?

  • I felt my timing and the content i had put in was pretty decent.
  • I answered all the questions.
  • Scenario implementation.
  • Application to real life industry -remembering to apply to the pre-seen
  • I didn't panic because I was now accustomed to navigating between the reference materials and answer script. also some topics I were much conversant with were examined.
  • There were no surprises. I had done three Mock exams and some tasks in the exam were similar to those in the Mock exams.
  • Had enough time to write my answers.
  • The P2 and E2 questions around target costing, TQM, motivating staff and resolving conflict.
  • Question on transfer pricing and resistance to change
  • Answer to Question 1,3 and 4 were excellent
  • Relating pre seen to the questions
  • The ethical questions
  • Planning answer
  • Industry knowledge -Timings -Planning answers/generating enough point
  • The F2 as well as some P2 theoretical questions from Mock exams did help a lot.
  • Preseen Analysis
  • Task on ethics thanks to the Astanti I guide.

What could have gone better?

  • A bit more time to plan would have made my answers better if the pass rate has not been set at 70% but 50% like any other exam
  • Better planning.
  • Write more theory revision
  • I should have been comfortable with any topic because I found it quite difficult tackling some questions - the topics I had partially covered.
  • Spending time on the pre seen and on industry analysis helps to have better responses to tasks. I didn't give many examples and I wish I had covered the industry analysis fully.
  • I seemed to run out of steam by Q4 task 1
  • The F2 questions - as expected. Valuing inventory and WACC.
  • Time management (didnt' realise the countdown carried on when I had a break) and technical area of disposals
  • Systematic approach to all queries.
  • Plan answers Time allocated
  • One area of theory caused concern
  • Project management questions
  • Ran out of time, couldn't understand what the question was asking, unsure if I was answering in the right way
  • F pillar knowledge
  • -Understanding what the question was asking of me
  • There were some easy questions like customer profitability and emergent theory which I felt I had completely ignored it due to the focus on tough questions which I felt under prepared.
  • I could have done bettter if I would have spend more time in practicing written answers and learning how to express myself better considering the time pressure.
  • Time management. Understanding the requirement, they seemed a bit vague
  • Time management

If you were to give one tip for future students, what would it be?

  • Theory is key. Second would be how to apply the theory accordingly to the pre seen and most importantly the unseen.
  • Practice, practice and more practice
  • .Industry and strategic analysis done for you by Astranti is invaluable 
  • Get to know your pre seen info 
  • The mock exam practice puts you in the right frame of mind for the actual exams, you have a feel of the exam structure, makes you more conscious of time management and speed typing on exam day 
  •  use your scratch pad on the computer, then you can cop and paste your planned answer
  • Do mock exams regularly to calm your nerves before u get into the real exam.
  • Revise the manuals first (you cannot answer a topic if you don't know anything), read the pre-seen over & over, know the industry & real-life examples, then practice, practice, practice using mock exams based on the industry in the pre-seen.
  • Don't leave it so long between starting a level and completing it. It's taken me over 2 years. I plan on doing the strategy level in less than one so there isn't so much theory revision to do.
  • Time management is key. Keep calm and use common sense.
  • Do lots of question practice
  • Revise the E2, F2 and P2 in the light of Pre-seen to be able to answer queries in the exam better
  • Review all previous exams to see kind of questions, it's more generic than précised questions
  • Prepare set answers for key theory areas. Fully read the unseen and plan your answer before typing. It will save you time at the end as you won't need to change your answer.
  • Categorize questions in form such as, ethical, projects, financial, and HR issues.
  • Preparation of theory by doing past papers, attempting time pressured mock exams as many times as possible.
  • Spend more time on preseen analysis than revisiting the theory.
  • Do Lots of mock question practice.
  • Focus on time management, answer planning and practice as many mock as possible.

How many weeks did you spend preparing for the exam?

More than 5 weeks2066.7%
4-5 weeks516.7%
3-4 weeks310%
2-3 weeks13.3%
Less than 2 weeks13.3%

How many hours per week did you spend revising?

More than 10 hours1240%
7-10 hours1136.7%
5-7 hours26.7%
3-5 hours310%
Less than 3 hours26.7%

What would you have spent MORE time on in your preparation now that you have completed the exam?

Revision of Theory1653.3%
Mock Exam Practise1860%
Time Management Practise930%
Industry Research/Analysis26.7%
Preseen Analysis413.3%
Answer Planning620%
Typing Speed Practise723.3%

What would you have spent LESS time on in your preparation now that you have completed the exam?

Revision of Theory521.7%
Mock Exam Practise00%
Time Management Practise28.7%
Industry Research/Analysis1252.2%
Pre-seen Analysis834.8%
Answer Planning14.3%
Typing Speed Practise313%

How difficult did you find the exam compared to the Astranti mock exams

Much more difficult310%
More Difficult930%
Much Easier00%
I did not do any Astranti Mock Exams1240%

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