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All should know for CIMA SCS February 2017 Strategic case study video

All should know for CIMA SCS February 2017 Strategic case study video
All should know for CIMA SCS February 2017 Strategic case study video

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    A project has been evaluated on the basis that it will cost $14 million and will have a net present value of $2.3 million.The project has commenced and $3 million of the initial $14 million has been invested. A problem has been discovered that will cost an additional $2.5 million to rectify. The $2.5 million will be payable immediately. What is the NPV of continuing with this project?

    A. $1.8 million
    B. -$3 million
    C. $2.8 million
    D. -$0.2 million

    Answer: C

    HJK is a retailer, with more than 40 shops around the country. The directors suspect that a serious fraud has occurred at one of the branches and a team of internal auditors has been sent to investigate. An analytical review investigation shows that sales revenue is in line with budget, but overtime payments to shop staff exceed budget by 20%. How should the internal audit team proceed?

    A. Increase the evaluation of inherent risk.
    B. Conduct additional detailed testing of all figures.
    C. Conduct additional detailed testing on overtime payments.
    D. Increase the evaluation of control risk.

    Answer: C

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