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Top 10 issues video for CIMA OCS August 2019 - AKL Sparkle

Top 10 issues video for CIMA OCS August 2019  - AKL Sparkle
Top 10 issues video for CIMA OCS August 2019  - AKL Sparkle

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Hello there and welcome to the astrati top 10 most likely unseen issues for the August 2019 operational case study exam where of course we are looking at a AKL Sparkle so this video is going to be a rundown of the 10 issues that I think are most likely going to come up in your exam in August based on my reading of the pre seen and my extensive knowledge of the operational case study so let me tell you a bit about the basis of my choice and why I've picked these 10 issues above any other issues because there's lots of things that could come up there's 5 variants and there's 8 subsections within each variant so 5 times 8 is 40 so there's 40 different possible things so I'm just picking the top 10 it's the basis of my choice.

First consideration is the focus in the pre-seen is it a prevalent issue is there a lot of space devoted to it is there a degree of importance therefore attached to it by the examiner so I've looked through the pre-seen I've recorded a video series of six videos looking at the pre-seen in depth those issues that came up again and again and again and those it seemed to deliberately have been put in there by the examiner because they're intending to examine you on it in August that what those issues are the ones.

 I've chosen another one is strategic importance so is it important for the company strategically how does it relate to SWAT in the strategic analysis video have done a SWOT analysis of the company and that's helped us to come up with an overall strategy for the company so where it bearing that in mind what kind of things are the Light Company likely to face based on that analysis and this in this case the importance is likely to be attached by the director so what are the direct the owners the directors and shareholders potentially likely to be interested in doing over the next 12 months or five years or whatever it may be we're also going on my experience of my experience of past exams and the typical issues that come up in past exams if you review past exams examiner's reports like I have for the past was it four years or so you get a good idea of what things come up in the exam and you get an idea of what kind of things are put in the pre-seen that are deliberately put in the pre scene so that they can be examined I actually was involved in writing a pre-seen for an exam a few years back that was an actual real exam for CIMA .

so I've actually got some experience in doing that myself so when you're doing that you're thinking about putting in issues that are easy to write exam topics on okay so what's the point of you watching this video how's it going to help you in the preparation for your exam well for one thing it's going to help you to prepare key models from the pre-seen information so some of these issues that I'm going to talk about you'll be in a position where you can apply a model to the pre-seen and that's going to give you at least a starting point going into the exam for example it could be pestle or a value chain or something like that and you can do that now and you have an idea going into the exam of that particular model and how it applies the thing to remember there is that you should adapt the model for new points in the unseen so if you're go into the exam and suddenly you find out the company has quite sophisticated marketing strategy or an IT system or something like that whereas at the moment from the free scene we don't know then you should adapt the model to fit that new information.

 Another way to prepare is to practice mock exams so stron TV set of three mock exams for the OCS exam and they are deliberately written to cover these top ten issues you can find relevant real-life examples to put in your exam so the examiner is quite keen on seeing you have a wider industry understanding so you can go as far as preparing sample paragraphs and you could even learn them if you want to so you can put them in so for a particular issue let's say it's supply chain management you could do some research and find out what the supply chain is actually like in this industry and you can look at what an actual company is done and you could even write a paragraph that shows you understand that wider industry or shows that you have that one industry knowledge and the examiner will be very very impressed if you manage to do that you can learn typical key points so for example if it's a question on the potential adoption of activity-based costing then you can learn the typical advantages to a company of utilizing activity-based costing or the disadvantages or the comparison between ABC and perhaps absorption standard absorption costing you can do that all ahead of time as well so if you think an ABC question is coming up you can revise that learn the advantages and disadvantages of ABC so when it actually comes to the exam you're really just reciting information that you already know it also helps you to be prepared be prepared for what models you can use for the issue so if a particular issue comes up something like competitor analysis or whatever it might be then I'll tell you what kind of models or what kind of theory are going to best support your answer so what you should use for a particular kind of issue okay so starting at Number ten and these are in no particular order I don't think issue one is any more likely to come up than issue number ten they just happen to be in this particular order issue number ten then is the manufacturing process okay now granted this is quite a broad topic but there are a few specific things about the manufacturing process that worry me that make me think the examiner is planning to do a question or a couple of questions around changes in the manufacturing process so for one thing this is certainly the most important thing there are major issues with the enameling department it seems to be the most problematic parts of the production process this is where most issues and faults seem to be occurring we've got issues with staffing it we've got issues with the quality of the enamel so I think that's that's almost definitely gonna come up somewhere in the exams other than enamel we have some outdated equipment we've got a pretty old kiln being used that does relate to enamel but it's also relates to PPE and it could be an issue of its own there's some dangerous elements in the production process - 

we have staff working with molten metals silver molten silver working with their hands close to that it could be a dangerous environment from that perspective that could be fumes given off from that so there's lots of elements in the manufacturing process that could come up in the exam okay so the kind of issues that would come up with a way that the examiner would take that and put it in the exam would be something like high wastage caused by issues with enamel maybe the kiln isn't working or maybe a new apprentice as an fully learn how to do that job properly and you have to waste an entire batch of enamel beads and they can't be recycled because the enamels been put on them and we've got to reduce the inventory the cost of inventory or something like that we could have issues with the kiln maybe it's not working at capacity and there's implications for that on the budget maybe we're not going to hit budget figures or maybe we need to invest in a new kiln and we need to look at how 

we're going to fund the purchase of new non current assets whether it's in the budget whether we need to buy one or lease one or whatever it could be something to do with bottlenecks so there is that issue with we only have like one conveyor belt really and we have to set up a machine and do all this setting up for each new kind of bead and we're talking about 120 220 new designs each year so we could have a real bottleneck there where a whole production process is brought to a halt because we have to stop everything and set up in the machine in order to do a new kind of bead a couple more conveyor production lines could really reduce that there's also mention of recycling the silver that is doesn't make it to the final cut so wasted silver can be melted down and we used again that could feed into a question in in some way that certainly was something that was noted in the pre scene a few times wasn't it okay so key points you must raise I've already mentioned most of these in the previous section and just can't help myself forget to excited but key points to raise would be the programming time of the new beads that's what I was talking about when you have to do any kind of bead you've got all these setup costs and the time to set up and that can cause a bottleneck the amount of hand or manual labor involved that's potentially time-consuming it could be expensive to have that kind of skill on board it's potentially dangerous as well you're exposing people to dangerous materials and that could have short-term impact if you have an accident can have long-term health benefits as well well not benefits or concerns or issues for the member of staff quality control as we were going through in the priests in videos we were looking for quality control aspects in the production process there are quite a few but it all seems to fall apart enameling so there might be a quality management quality total quality management type of thing related to enamel of the production of the manufacturing process as a whole and of course we have our issues with enameling department there are issues with the quality of the natural of the raw materials as well as the quality of the enameling potentially the quality of the staff we have our apprentices ship scheme because it's quite high turnover here but we don't seem to really be getting to the bottom of the problem so we may need further action to try and solve that we could have issues with the supplier as well potentially the quality of enamel that's giving us isn't good enough maybe it's to do with colored enamel relating to those new trends that we saw at the end of the pre-seen maybe we need to get a different supplier and we're looking at how that impacts costings related to the enameled beads or something like that okay so here's the relevant theory for this TQM time total quality management the key part of p1 that would certainly be relevant when you're looking at making changes or looking at quality in the production process maybe even particularly enamel throughput accounting this relates to bottlenecks. 

Theory of Constraints looking at how looking for bottlenecks looking at how we can improve and make the overall process quicker that would certainly be relevant you may want to talk about the value chain if that's the right kind of question this wouldn't be applicable in all cases but maybe if you were looking at where we're adding value through operations or if it may be different aspects that affect the manufacturing process you could use value chain there potentially business process re-engineering that has come up in exams in the past they do like to examine that occasionally and this is one way where they could potentially do that so just before we finish I'd like to take you through some of the products we offer in our in the entire case study course so this is just one element of the whole course and I'll just go for you through with the other things that we offer here so to start with we have a study text that is devoted to the operational case study not split into two parts the first part is a guide to how to pass the case study exam it's full of exam tips exam strategy time management preparation and planning how to write to the marking criteria all those kinds of things and then part two of that study text is a condensed version of all the relevant material of the kind of things that come up in the exam over and over so essentially it's the most popular topics that have come up in past exams from e1 p1 and f1 and so those are the two study texts available for the operational case study course and we also do course videos that are roughly based around that first study text so the exam advice and the timing the planning all the things that go in to preparing an exam strategy we have an entire series of videos that go through that in detail.

If you were more of a visual learner rather than a reader you can check those out and there'll be a great help in in getting you passed the exams the pre-seen analysis is the series of six videos where we look through the actual pre seen in in my new detail going through every paragraph making notes and look how we can use this information to better prepare for the exam when the exam comes up separate from that is an industry analysis and that is a document and a video as well so they're two are in tandem and the document is about a hundred pages looking at the industry in which the company exists so for example if the case company is in the car and they're a car manufacturer then the industry analysis would be an analysis of the car industry and that's so that's like you say that's a large document while we break it down and we're essentially the point of that as we're doing the research for you to save you time and energy and the really great thing about the industry analysis is that we include 25 industry examples at the end so things that happened in the real industry so the example I just used it being the car industry we were doing the car industry we'd take twenty five examples from the car industry of relevant news and things that have happened to companies and to the industry and consumers or whatever it is as as when we get from this 25 examples we write a little exam paragraph the kind of thing that you can literally rehearse and put it in your exam if it's relevant examiner's do like to see that you have a wider industry knowledge and so putting in a little example like that can get you good marks we do mock exams for so for the operational case study we write three mock exams and we have a free mini mock that you can do there are based on the actual CIMA style case study so at their computer-based they're online and they're timed and it's as close to the real thing as we can possibly make it and that's that's a really good way to prepare you for the exam each time we write our questions based on the pre-seen that's just been released and with those mock exams you can put or you can get marking and feedback and that's really essential for you to if you do your mock exams.

I would recommend also getting marking and feedback because you can you can then see where you went wrong or what you did well the feedback allows you to improve on that really important part that a lot shouldn't skip over and they really struggle in the exam they weren't prepared they hadn't done the mock exams we have master classes that run a course of two separate weekends running up to the exam and they all they're alive essentially a live online class webinar where our tutor will go through with you the the kind of a revision one where words that like recapping on the most important topics from the e 1 P 1 and F 1 syllabus and one will be sort of more exam 4 pass guarantee which means that if you meet all their requirements so you use all these all these different products that are available and you fill in a checklist to say that you've done those but you still don't pass your exam you're unfortunate or whatever then we have a we will allow you to reset that course to take our course again at no extra charge that's really great for people who are perhaps taking it for the first time and they don't quite pass but they they need to take the course again if you've if you've gone through that scheme and you've done everything we asked you to do then we'll give you the course again for free.

For More videos of Astranti visit the link- Watch more OCS video analysis click here

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