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MCS August 2019 Pre-seen video analysis Cruise calm - CIMA Management Case Study

MCS August 2019 Pre-seen video analysis Cruise calm - CIMA Management Case Study
MCS August 2019 Pre-seen video analysis Cruise calm - CIMA Management Case Study

Find the MCS August 2019 Pre-seen video analysis from Astranti

Watch the Pre-seen video Analysis for Cruisecalm , the company you will be working for in the CIMA MCS August 2019 exam From Astranti,MCS sitting in August 2019 on cruise comm so before we get straight under way I'm just going to introduce myself very briefly so the first thing is that my name is Joseph and I am the MCS expert at Ron T I write mocks for the MCS as well as offering you know tutor responses to any MCS queries as well as f3 queries and I also write portions of our study text in regards to the MCS and f3 so that is my sort of background I've been you know working with the MCS for around two and a half years now is quite a few sittings so far and I've had a lot of sort of knowledge around this kind of level for a number of years now before I took over as the MCS expert Ron T so you can find sort of sneak previews and video clips are surrounding the MCS and exam success in the case study at my facebook page which is sort of shown at the bottom if you search that you will find you know all kinds of clips on a weekly basis regarding the MCS even when there isn't a pre seen around yet we look at some examiner's reports okay so besides that what actually is the pre seen well it's a video series first and foremost in this analysis we go section by section covering each page in as much detail.

MCS August 2019 Pre-seen video analysis Cruise calm - CIMA Management Case Study

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 We do come across like there's some that we're speculating on and there are others that are just huge huge indicators that I will 100% point out to you you know sort of the given questions that will definitely turn up in one of the variants and potentially that variant is yours we didn't have the strategic analysis which is a very focused business model to pre seen sort of video and presentation and we have the top ten most likely issues which follows up all this information with essentially the top ten problems that are likely to come up in the exam with the top one to four being almost a guarantee that they will be you know definitely there we have a pretty good success rate I believe in the past five sittings we have scored about seven and a half correct issues in the majority of the different variants so with that in mind you can have a lot of confidence in our sort of guesswork and speculation and then this the other ones near the top of that list which are basically guaranteed to come up so how is it going to work we'll go section by section we'll assume that there's no knowledge as I progress so by that I mean you haven't pre read the pre seen will be going through together as it was our first reading if you've already read it great but I will assume that you have not read further on at any given point the only thing I assume is that you're relatively well versed in our F2 P2 and E2 modules at least enough to be able to go back and revise a topic if you know we mentioned that it's particularly relevant what I suggest throughout this series is that you read a section and make notes just before you know you watch it or just after you watch the section and this will mean you can compare and contrast with my speculations and sort of inputs and this will give you the biggest and most well-rounded exam prep you can possibly get so very much go with that it's very very useful and as we go through of course .

I'll have my review at each video end I will sort of sum up to the best of my ability what we've covered and why it's important and of course the last two products will be going through a full strategic analysis and the top ten issues which are pretty straightforward as we discussed in the previous slide so without further ado you will now cut to the current MCS pre seen for you to get stuck in with now with that set this first video is going to cover the first six or so pages we'll begin with the introduction and then we'll stop at the history section for video two so each video is going to go through just document without that prior knowledge if you remember you know every sort of video will be an iteration on our knowledge and we'll go through each section as it comes so without rambling on too much let's get underway with the introduction now the first thing I love to point out on this first page there's always a little introduction is that we typically see the whole case as the foundation for the unseen material that we get exam and that's ultimately what we're asked to respond to however in regards to the actual case this introductory page is the foundation for the case so it's actually a very very useful page and it might seem quite small and not very important at this point but believe me as you go through it we can get a lot from this so the first thing that we see is that Cruz camp is a quoted company so they are on the stock market and this brings about a number of regulations first and foremost that they will have to adhere to a lot of information that needs to be disseminated for those regulations but also it means that we have quite a high sort of influence from our shareholders we have to keep them happy as our key stakeholders and ultimately this is going to be in regards to dividends etc wealth creation for those investors so investor relations are going to be quite important and it means we're gonna need to try and keep the growing there's I mean very very sort of Drive on wealth creation based on the fact we are a listed company because of all the shareholder interests typically they're investing to get wealthy so we need to keep that in mind so for example if we were to get into the exam is feasible that we would get some unseen material on some shareholder concerns perhaps about our gearing or a potential project that we're planning or just an idea of you know the growth at the moment isn't quite good enough shareholders are looking elsewhere that kind of context is quite common.

when we have quoted and listed companies as our case so keep that in mind because it's going to be quite important you need to consider as we go through the next thing I see is that we they are a cruise company they operate a fleet of holiday cruise ships and this is obviously two things we know the industry now and if you've seen the entry back already you've got a lot of information on cruise ships you know as a whole but just to you know overview that kind of analysis you know you've got these very very large companies ranging from you know cruise calm colors you know fifteen twenty thirty fleet and then there are some large companies with around you know a hundred in their fleet so you're looking at these very very large companies quite a small amount of them compared to many industries and they're very very competitive it is dominated by an extremely large company that has almost 50 percent market share called carnival so it's a very difficult industry however importantly in this industry and it's suggested in this phrase here they have a fleet of holiday cruise ships now we're going to assume they own those ships because that's just typically you know what happens in the industry and this means we have a high amount assets and when we have a high amount of assets we have a lot of potential secure against loans to of

 also told that cruise calm is based in a city called port ro in N'awlins that's our fictional country and port ro offers extensive shipping facilities and is a major business center so two things that I'd like to point out here is that the first about extensive shipping facilities it raises the question of do we have that competence are we a group or are we just a cruise company I suspect at this point given the name of the company we are a specialized cruise company however shipping and freight are quite a common competence in the sort of group companies that we see in the industry so there is a question mark there I'll be a group do we have this as a potential you know revenue stream are we doing shipping as a company and if not well is it a way to diversify or is it not worth it so there is that question mark over diversification and in relation to our major business center to me that simply suggests that we've got a lot of activity in that city so typically you know they're trying to outline poor taro as an actual like hub where loads of people are going through for example whilst Dover in the UK is not particularly a high business center a major business center it does have a lot of activity going through the ports perhaps they're suggesting this is a large city lots of skilled labour may be along sighs this busy port I imagine because it to be there typically an Anita port with all their cruise ships so that's what I'm getting from that small mention of the major business center and just a second before we move on for words I did forget to mention it's very typical for me to suggest that you make your own notes as we go so that we can compare them at the end of the videos now.

 typically I can't do that with you but it is very very good because it is very subjective a lot of these aspects I mean we all you know hopefully know very much the F 2 P 2 e 2 however how that sort kind of influences we pull from different terminology may differ from person to person there are some you know there's not really a wrong answer in many cases however we then mind just take your own notes as we go through and you'll get the most from these videos as possible because you can compare against what I've suggested and have you know an ultimate set of notes that fantastic so with that said let's go on to now said Norland is a developed country that has a high standard of living so typically this is going to correlate well to the kind of consumer or customer that goes on a cruise ship holiday they have quite expensive up front it is argued by many industry analysts that you know cruises are cheaper on average than a normal holiday however the upfront cost is almost certainly 

higher because in a cruise you're typically paying upfront for your food because it's all-inclusive typically and you've got a lot of these costs happening all at once to a very expensive holiday the benefit being that you might spend more on a different holiday that isn't a cruise but in those different holidays you're probably spending a lot less in the initial investment in that holiday so considering this you know it's very very good that Norland or domestic market have a high standard of living we do you need to have quite affluent customers to get you know passengers onboard tourism typically is related to affluent populations there is obviously scope for less affluent people to go on holiday but the more affluent the more holidays typically we are also told that the average age of the population in Norland is relatively high with large numbers of citizens who can afford to indulge themselves in expensive holidays so again this links to our suggestion that there is consistent customer demand and the fact they are you know a higher average age that does suggest that there will be more people you know able to afford them but also willing to usually the older you get the more time you may have on your hands especially in retirement for example however in regards to our industry analysis that we did that were if you haven't seen it there was a consumer trend there that the average age of cruise passengers is trending downwards to more youthful passengers it's still extremely popular with those of older age.

However there is also you know a very significant number of young passengers joining because there's a some age of Instagram where younger passengers or young travelers are seeking 

something like cruise because they've seen multiple locations in one holiday versus a single location in a single holiday compared to a normal holiday and this gives them the opportunity to take more pictures come on social media etc hashtag travel is but one of the biggest hashtags on social media so with that in mind there is that element to it here so there is a balancing act there on how we market we have a higher average pop halation but the industry is trending to accessing more young passengers so we need to have a think about how that might translate to a marketing approach for example we don't spend all our budget on a new social media campaign because it's less likely that the older population will be on something like Instagram or Facebook where is the young passengers will but if those young passengers are only 20% of our customers it doesn't make sense to put all of our money into a social media marketing campaign so we have to consider what the best approach to our marketing is given those two sort of dynamics so with that said we can now see that Nolan's currency is the end dollar and that's quite a small phrase but it's very very important this means that we are potentially subject to exchange rate risk we obviously don't know at this point how crews come handle their sort of exchange rate risk whether they are invoicing in only their domestic currency or whether they're invoicing in you know all kinds of currencies because if you invoice in your own currency only then you obviously remove or reduce / sort of void the exchange rate risk there but with that said as I've just mentioned we've got our reduce and avoid that's part of the TARA framework so you've got transfer except to reduce the void and that will be quite key when we consider our risk management of course and in this case we've got exchange rate risk now one thing 

we should mention is that if they do not you know fully remove or you know get rid of the risk in exchange rate so if they're invoicing in several currencies then we do need to go through that process of tarah and a typical sort of suggestion is that invoicing in domestic currency only or the alternative to reduce risk is to take out options and swaps etc these financial instruments which help us mitigate exchange rate risk you need to explain how they work per se but mentioning them we'll get you some marks if this comes up as a topic so just keep that in mind and following this we get a reminder that we are required to prepare financial statements in accordance with IFRS now the big one here is pretty much always group accounts but we haven't had confirmation that we are a group company yet so with that in mind you know it could be any IRS my recommendation is always don't try to narrow down into a single or a couple irises in my opinion you really need to know your RS is really well especially the theory you don't necessarily need to be able to do particular calculations and set around because that's not required in the case of the exam but you will need to know how to handle it what the consequences are what this mean to the company how we adapt essentially so you're thinking at the bigger picture but always keep focused on our dresses because without calculations in the exam there's very few things that the examiner can use to test your f2 knowledge and IFRS is are essentially the big bulk of the syllabus when you remove calculations so with that in mind make sure to brush up on all your irises perhaps leases might come up you know maybe some activity entertainment kind of machinery equipment like a rock wall for example that maybe you know present on the cruise ship to entertain guests will they want to own a rock wolf permanently perhaps not so they may be leasing and therefore all you know we've got leases as an 

IRS for example but that's just a suggestion I would recommend that you know all your irises very very well finally we are told that we are a financial manager and Cruz comes head office that's pretty standard that's what we expect and it's just the standard MCs reminder that we are a management accountant now and essentially what does that mean so we're reporting to a senior financial manager and who then reports directly to the files director so we have quite a important role and if you look at this sentence here the director and to a slightly lesser extent the senior financial manager are going to be the employees thinking about the strategic elements of the finance function and essentially at those levels we're thinking about how we might change strategy at our level we need to keep in mind we are taking a step up from the operational and we're thinking about the implementation of the strategy so we are monitoring the strategy being you know implemented into operation we are not often going to comment on strategic changes we are often going to be respecting the strategic outlook of our you know senior employees above us and monitoring how that is working in our overall company so we do comment we do perhaps sometimes recommend when the exam question suggests it but overall keep in mind that we are not simply carrying out you know operational functions anymore we are now monitoring how those tie-in with our strategy whether they are you know working as intended and that's where our position is in that food chain if you will so do not forget that we do have to think about some strategic aspects but mostly about how we are carrying out our strategy and how it links in so keep that in mind as we move forward it is very very important to keep that in mind because we no longer looking at just you know you know budgeting and absorption costing etc we were looking at a slightly higher or quite a bit of a higher level now on that company perspective all right well phew I did say that was a particularly in point age and you can see here that we've got a lot chart down so with that in mind let's move on now to the next page hello it's me again I just want to take a few minutes of your time to first extend my hope that you enjoyed sample that you've just Feud but also to just sort of explain what else the strategy do to help you pass your exam really effectively provided you found our sample particularly interesting and insightful of course so of course we have a study text for every module ranging from p1 to f3 and certificate level is also free on our website so \

we have study texts throughout the CIMA course every module you could hope to study the certificate level of 3 as I mentioned and then the rest of them ranging from p1 to f3 are all available to purchase alongside this if you're not so much a study text kind of student and you prefer a visual way of learning we have the course videos we essentially break down the study text into bite-size presentations with a walk through and it's a very very very engaging way of explaining the course following this we have the priests analysis where we break down each pre seen sitting into a number of videos going through the whole document but also adding a top 10 recommendations for what will come up in the exam and also a strategic analysis where we put all the models you'd find in e - for example - the pre seen itself whichever that may be at the time alongside this we provide an industry analysis this is a document and accompanying video which help you give that contextual information in your exam so for example if the pre seen on the oil industry the industry analysis will break down the oil industry the current topics trends issues what the competitive market looks like all those kind of aspects all condensed into one so you can spend your time wisely and your study period following on from this when you want to practice all this knowledge we have mock exams for all of our materials so study Tech's has a generic mock exam based on the mod whereas the pre scene analysis has mocs available the purchase that are based on that specific pre scene that are targeted to the key issues we believe will come up and if you're not content we're just doing those mock exams and practicing that way we have a marketing a feedback system where you can purchase the ability to send in your paper have it marked by a CIMA qualified accountant and get personalized feedback but on whether you can improve X or Y area and so finally if you will if you're feeling really under prepared and that exam is coming really really soon the master classes are offered biased Randy and they essentially a crash course in anything you could want for that topic so if it's a master class on the pre seen it's going to give you absolutely everything that you could possibly need to know about the 

pre Seen

 in run in one rather really condensed sitting likewise if it was the f3 master class you would have all of F3 gone through in a very crash course style presentation and video link you can also purchase it post stream as opposed to viewing it live all these kind of aspects we are very very confident that these materials will help you get the exam success to you one so we have a pass guarantee provided you fill out a form which demonstrates that you have utilized our materials to a large extent actually taken the time to sell you them and you have unfortunately failed we will offer you the same materials again for the next sitting as in a consolidator ii offer to ensure that you can get back on the horse and get that exam grade that you want with that said thank you very much for watching the sample video I hope you enjoyed it and it gives you a lot of confidence in a strategy and your CIMA future.

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