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Top 10 Issues video for MCS August 2019 - CIMA Management Case Study - Cruisecalm

Top 10 Issues video for MCS August 2019 - CIMA Management Case Study - Cruisecalm
Top 10 Issues video for MCS August 2019 - CIMA Management Case Study - Cruisecalm

MCS August 2019 Pre-seen video analysis Cruise calm - CIMA Management Case Study

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Welcome to the CIMA MCS top ten most likely unseen issues for cruise comm in August 2019 so the first thing to get underway with here is that the basis of my choice is going to be centered around how much space is devoted to the issue in the pre seen and the degree of importance attached to it by the examiner relating to also that space at the same time that is utilized and appreciated for it also the strategic importance of this topic specifically how it relates to the SWOT analysis that we've done and these sort of importance that will likely be attributed to it by directors and then of course I've got a wealth of experience now doing these cases as well as my colleagues we've been doing it essentially since it was created in 2015 so we've got a lot of experience in this area and we know what comes up in the past exams we know the typical issues which will relate to some of these top ten and of course.

 We know how easy it is to write issues on certain subjects for the examiner and how that fits into how they test and that's very much a key sort of reasoning for some of these topics so as we go through here how do we prepare for these issues well we prepare the key models from the precinct information and remember to adapt all models for new points in that unseen material so the important thing is to have some key models like the ones in the true strategic analysis as in my hand during your revision and make sure that you adapt all models that once you revise that kind of model you have to add any unseen information into the model so that we can then you know get better response in the exam the important part that we've seen a lot of examiner's reports is that students are ignoring the case material and also the new material given to them in the exam which is very very bad for their overall writing of a good response then following this you want you practice mock exams that cover the key issues that are covered in this presentation and you want to find relevant real-life examples and then prepare sample paragraphs relating to these issues and learn them that way you can kind of pluck from memory the kinds of paragraphs that will get you the best grades based on whatever comes up in the unseen material and your requirements in the exam and of course as a general sweeping statement learn typical key points advantages disadvantages certain aspects in the industry.

Different model being utilized so for example balanced scorecard why would we use it why wouldn't we use it and prepare for which models to use to support each issue that we go through because some of them you know may be semi relevant but based on what you get asking the exam it may differ so you go make sure we have the relevance to the issues very much you know understood in regards to the models and how we use them when we use them so our first issue if you're number 10 is a new project now one of the key things here is that the basis of choice is that it's very common as a topic is very often on the top 10 list it simply has to be it's just so commonly asked very easy to provide factual information for you to analyze too short F 2 is covered and of course a lot of these new projects will have risks and funding issues which covers essentially most of the bases so added up altogether the examiner is very likely to test you a new project of course and the likely issues we'll see in this case is new products so essentially that would be river cruises short-term cruises specialty cruises and this will center around they need to diversify sort of demo-graphical changes that we seem to be seeing in the industry and any numerous opportunities that we have for example we could diversify into a bus travel for example and another issue would be just a new project so for

Example like a new factory being useful X or a new food storage facility in the case of cruise comm just gaining and efficiency with a new project that doesn't need to be this grandiose new project for example it could just be a project about setting up a new system etc so now how do we talk about this issue or the key points you have to raise well it is it financially viable as a project is where the key ones you know having a brief in a reminder of NPV is very very point important in this case and also is it consistent with our CSR our strategy our prequel success factors for example you know we have a good reputation our CSFs are going to be innovation customer service etc any sort of knowledge and experience on the staff team are very very important we also have to think about how it will be funded this could be linked to a financing sort of question or investment question and you must also make a recommendation even if not asked to do so because in regards to projects whether the key aspect is going to be so the leadership skills.

 Our justification include the key action points to take that project forward and understand or at some point is as a project so with that said we're now to issue now which is value chain efficiencies and this is centered around the 10% or less profit margin that we've got and the new technology reference in exhibits we need to gain some sort of efficiencies entirely due to the fact that we have such a high gearing and our profit margin isn't really strong enough to generate the kind of cash that will be needed to suffice for our loans in the long term so it's very very important that we raise that margin and one of the best ways to do so is by finding efficiencies in the value chain saving some costs and set around passing those costs on for more revenues but we also want to look at all the new technologies available in the industry that we see Waveline sail line using that will perhaps provide some cost cuttings to our admin process which is a large portion of our operating costs decision-making is part of an English again having this decision based on what we should do how it will affect stakeholders for example is extremely important.

so will it upset staff staff for a key issue that we may need to think about as well so with that in mind there's a lot of these decisions to be made between different efficiencies for example if you reduce the admin department because you've implemented new technology there's going to be some consequences for staff and route it sets around so with that in mind the decision-making marks come in here in regards to leadership so what are the kind of likely issues here well it's where to achieve further efficiencies this could be economies of scale or it could be a high powered processes with tips for example checking in without any staff involvement required automated easier process that way so what should we raise in regards to version efficiencies well where's the value chain that works needs to be covered the implication of chief decisions on value chain for example that automation from software could have significant impacts on staff morale because we likely will make some redundancies due to that also areas of possible efficiencies can also be that technology aspect but also how big data informed decisions interact with our overall profitability for example if we overstock food because we've misjudged the demographics on the ship then of course they'll eat into our profit margin for that voyage and overtime over a course of a year those kinds of Misinterpretations or Analysis will mean that we have these sort of increased costs that could be saved by being a bit more efficient in particular the inform the big data inform decisions that could be you know more accurate if we perhaps collected more data or in a specific way that says hello it's me again.

 I just want to take a few minutes of your time to first extend my hope that you enjoyed the free sample that you've just viewed but also to just sort of explain what else is trying to do to help you pass your exam really effectively provided you found our sample particularly interesting and insightful of course so of course we have a study text for every module ranging from p1 to f3 and certificate level is also free on our website so we have study texts throughout the SEMA course every module you could hope to study the certificate level of free as I mentioned and then the rest of them ranging from p1 to f3 are all available to purchase alongside this if you're not so much a study text kind of student and you prefer a visual way of learning we have the course videos we essentially break down the study text into bite-size presentations with a walk through and it's a very very very engaging way of explaining the course following this we have the preseason alysus where we break down each pre seen sitting into a number of videos going through the whole document but also adding a top 10 recommendations for it will come up in the exam and also a strategic analysis where we put all the models you'd find in e - for example - the pre seen itself whichever that may be at the time alongside this we provide an industry analysis this is a document and accompanying video which help you give that contextual information in your exam so for example if the pre seen on the oil industry the industry analysis will break down the oil industry the current topics trends issues what the competitive market looks like all those kind of aspects all condensed into one so you can spend your time wisely in your study period following on from this.

when you actually want to practice all this knowledge we have mock exams for all of our materials so study Tech's has a generic mock exam based on the module whereas the pre seen analysis has mocks available to purchase that are based on that specific pre seen that a targeted to the key issues we believe will come up and if you're not content we're just doing those mock exams and practicing that way we have a marking a feedback system where you can purchase the ability to send in your paper have it marked by a CIMA qualified accountant and get personalized feedback but on whether you can improve X or Y area and so finally if you will if you're feeling really unprepared and that exam is kind really really soon the master classes are offered biased Randi and they essentially a crash course in anything you could want for that topic so if it's a master class on the pre scene it's going to give you absolutely everything that you could possibly need to know about the pre seen in run in one rather really condensed sitting likewise if it was the f3 master class you would have all of f3 gone through a very crash course style presentation and video link you can also purchase it post stream as opposed to viewing it live all these kind of aspects we are very very confident that these materials will help you get the exam success to you one so we have a pass guarantee provided you fill out a form which demonstrates that you have utilized our materials to a large extent actually taken the time to study them and you have unfortunately failed we will offer you the same materials again for the next sitting as in a consolidator ii offer to ensure that you can get back on the horse and get that exam grade that you want with that said thank you very much for watching the sample video I hope you enjoyed it and it gives you a lot of confidence in a strand tea and your CIMA future.

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