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SCS February 2020 - Pre-seen video analysis - CIMA Strategic Case Study - Shinepodd

SCS February 2020 -  Pre-seen video analysis - CIMA Strategic Case Study - Shinepodd
In this video Astranti strategic case study exam expert Peter Stiff takes a first look at the February 2020 SCS pre-seen, based on a fictional company called "Shinepodd".

In his detailed pre-seen analysis, Peter picks out all of the need-to-know information from the pre-seen for you, helping you to gain a really comprehensive knowledge of the pre-seen ,This is the first of 9 pre-seen analysis videos that our SCS tutors have created for the February 2020 sitting.

For full videos visit here - 

VIVA Financial Tuition's in-depth Pre-seen Analysis for SCS February 2020 , applying E3, F3 and P3 subjects insights to the February 2020 CIMA "Shinepodd" Strategic Case Study 2020

For the full pre-seen analysis and more, check out VIVA's website:

For More resources visit here

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