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An Introduction to CIMA Gateway Case study exam - All you need to know

An Introduction to CIMA Gateway Case study exam - All you need to know
An Introduction to CIMA Gateway Case study exam - All you need to know 

In this video, we will focus on the CIMA Gateway Case study exam  Professional Qualification Syllabus Identifying knowledge gaps and the CGMA competency framework Whilst there is no set syllabus for the Gateway Case Study Exam, the application of knowledge Which you are assessed on is underpinned by the syllabus content of the 3 management level subjects E2 Project and Relationship Management, P2 Advanced Management Accounting and F2 Advanced Financial Reporting So for example in the exam, you may be tasked with providing commentary or an explanation of some financial Ratios and you'll need to have the knowledge and understanding of this topic area to enable you to apply this in the exam.

So how does the syllabus work? And what are you expected to know? And be able to do? Let's have a look at the syllabus for F2 Advanced Financial Reporting Firstly you will note that the syllabus is divided into different areas in the case of F2 3 topics Being sources of

a.  long-term finance

b.  financial reporting
c.  analysis of financial performance and position

If we look at syllabus topic cAnalysis of financial performance and position

This is subdivided into 2 lead learning outcomes which in turn are made up of several component learning outcomes. Essentially the lead learning outcomes can be seen as a summary of the component learning outcomes Each component learning outcomes starts with a verb.  Which is what you're expected to be able to do You'll need knowledge to do this so in essence So, in essence, it's the application of the knowledge you gain that we are assessing in the Gateway Case Study Exam Each component learning outcome includes a range of indicative syllabus content Containing models and theories which are a knowledge base for the subject and can be found in CIMA's official study text

You may find when reading through the syllabus document and especially the component learning outcomes that you have some knowledge and application gaps We recommend you identify and highlight these gaps at an early stage and focus some of your learning on these areas as you start working through the syllabus at management level If you have knowledge, or application gaps the good place to start is with the various resources that are available to you.

CIMA approved study resources courses and products can all be found in one place on the CIMA's study shop

No matter your personal circumstances The extent of your knowledge gaps, the time you have for study; or your preferred study method We have the resources and support to help you succeed Including online courses and hardcopy study materials as well as higher quality tuition support From one of our accredited learning partners In addition to these courses and products you have access to CIMA connect; a free online student community available exclusively to CIMA students On CIMA connect you can access various free study resources and information To help you on your journey.

As well as the ability to interact and connect with fellow students also preparing to sit the Gateway Exam Login to CIMA connect with your student contact ID and password snd you'll be taken to your personalized home page Tailored to your level of study in this case, management level and the Gateway Case Study Exam You may find that a lot of content also refers to the management case study But don't be alarmed as the actual exams are the same It's just a difference in the name of the exam based on your entry route into CIMA .

Each subject in an exam had its own group within CIMA connect So we recommend you join all groups within management level to ensure you have access to the latest and most relevant resources blogs and discussions The study resource search function will help you find resources to address your identified knowledge gaps resources available include articles and past exam questions from our pre-2015 syllabus which you can search for by Component learning outcome .

As an example let's say you have identified ratio analysis at the knowledge gap You could search for learning outcomes specific to this And practice a range of questions by filtering your search to focus on F2 past questions And answers as the study resource type and the relevant component learning outcome focusing on ratio analysis Case study exams reflect a real-life business scenario Comprising a series of time-bound tasks set to complete based on pre-seen material provided seven weeks before the exam.

The CGMA a competency framework is used to define the skills assessed within the case study exam .The framework has been developed after extensive global research with employers that identified the critical skills and capabilities Professionals need to drive sustainable business success It comprises four different skills Technical skills, business skills, people skills, and leadership skills And the extent to which they are examined in the case study differs from level to level.

The framework is underpinned by ethics, integrity, and professionalism You may wish to read CIMA's code of ethics as well as the various answer ethics resources available within CIMA connect In the Gateway Exam, the weighting of the skills are split into 39% for technical 24% for business, 21% for people, and 16% for leadership skills In summary, you should now have an understanding of how to identify knowledge gaps The resources available to you to overcome these, and the weighting of the different competency framework knowledge areas Assessed in the Gateway Exam

Source :- CIMA Global

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