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E3 - STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT - Study materials , Study texts , Study guides , Study videos , Practice exams and Exam tips.

Study Guide 


Self Study Guide *

Study Texts & Notes 

Free E3 Study Text from Astranti  

Mission, Objectives and Stakeholders (Acorn)

Express Notes (Revision kit) (2010 syllabus) from ExP

E3 Revision summary (Acorn 2010 syllabus )

Practice Exams 

Mock Exams 

Masterclass video 

E3 Masterclass video

Study Videos 

Mission, Objectives and Stakeholders (Acorn)

Change Management  (first intuition)

BCG Matrix    Learn CIMA 

Porter's Diamond Theory    Learn CIMA 

The balanced scorecard (BPP)

Strategic options (BPP)

Challenges and how to overcome them (BPP)

Introduction to strategy  Learn CIMA

Strategy Formulation - A Different Perspective

Introduction to Strategic Management

Introduction to Organisational Structure & Design


Mission, Vision & Goals - A 3-Minute Crash Course

Best Practice Tips for Creating Key Performance Indicators

Benefits Realisation in a minute

The Role of the Project Manager

BCG Matrix

Strategic Planning & Scenario Planning

What is Supply Chain Management?

Environmental Analysis

Porter's 5 Force Model

Strategic Planning with the Balanced Scorecard

(ExP Group) Videos 

Responsible business practices

Stakeholder management

Porters generic strategies

Ansoff's matrix

Lean systems

Organizational structures

Why people do not like change

Successful change implementation

Information as a source of competitive advantage

Introduction to E3 and exam technique (by Kaplan)

Articles From CIMA

The characteristics and applications of big data - and the associated risks *

Efficiency, effectiveness and efficacy *

Improving decision making in organisations *

KPIs and CSFs *

Management accountants as change agents *

8 ways to... be a great project manager *

CIMA strategic scorecard – boards engaging in strategy *

Strategy and scenario planning *

Embedding ethical values into the corporate culture *

BCG matrix *

Managing supply chains for competitive advantage *

Supply chain management *

CSR reporting *

Environmental analysis *

Five forces model of competitive analysis *

The seven myths of performance management *

Due diligence *

More E3 Study Articles from CIMA

More Study Resources 

Study Resources from CIMA Connect  

Kaplan Financial Knowledge Bank

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