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CIMA Gateway exam resources -  Study materials , Study texts , Study guides , Study videos , Practice exams and Exam tips.

Study Guide 


Pre-Seen Material (New) 

Pre-seen material for March 2015 management level case study exam  *

Management level Case study Resources 

Management case study Resources

Study Texts & Notes 

Free Study Text from Astranti  

Practice Exams 

Mock Exams 

Study Articles 

Strategic planning or the emergent resource based view *

Ethics check list *

Don't blame the tools: the adoption and implementation of managerial innovations *

How to keep megaprojects on target *

Project portfolio management in turbulent times *

Critical path analysis *

Reducing project costs and preventing overruns *

Tackling complex E2 project scenarios *

Six ways to build employee engagement *

Risk culture in financial organisations *

Short-term quality problem *

Sensitivity analysis as a decision making tool *

Women in leadership case studies *

Accountants and the economic crisis *

Beyond the BRICS *

Step-by-step guide to project appraisal *

Defining strategy and scenario planning *

Key investment appraisal methods *

Internal rate of return (IRR) *

Kaizen costing *

JIT explained *

Study Resources 

Study Resources from CIMA Connect  

Kaplan Financial Knowledge Bank 

 Note - * These links are to the CIMA Connect  website which will require you to log-in using your CIMA ID and Password details.

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