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Operational Case study Exam (OCS) Resources

Operational Case study Exam (OCS) Resources

Operational Case study Exam (OCS) , Study guides , Study videos , Practice exams and Exam tips.

Study Guides  

Study and Exam Guide   

Pre-Seen Material (New) 

Pre-seen material for May 2021 & August 2021 operational level case study exam  

Operational case study courses 

Astranti OCS course May 2021 / August 2021 

Pre-Seen analysis 

Astranti and VIVA

OCS November 2020 / February 2021 - CIMA Operational case study - Amazing beds - Pre-seen video analysis 

OCS Strategic Analysis video November 2020 / February  2021 

Top 10 Issues for CIMA Operational Case Study (OCS) November 2020/ February 2021   

Strategic analysis - Acellerate - May 2021 / August 2021 (PDF) <<New>>

Top 10 Issues for CIMA Operational Case Study (OCS) May 2021 / August 2021 (PDF)  <<New>>

Operational case study industry analysis - accelerate May 2021 / August 2021 (PDF) <<New>>

Real world Industry analysis video OCS May/August 2020

CIMA OCS May 2020 Pre-seen key summary - short notes  

OCS - Masterclass Videos

Study texts 

OCS Study Texts

Refresh your operational level subjects theory knowledge from Astranti free Study text for 2019 syllabus 

Study Video 

Top reason why CIMA OCS students fail

Answer planning in OCS

How to pass CIMA OCS (Operational case study) exam ? - Top tips

CIMA 2015 New Syllabus Case Study Sample - Preview

Case study exams preparation Guide video

Practice Exams 

Mock Exams 


CIMA Operational Case study Introduction 

Operational case study (OCS) Key topics

Top tips to pass your CIMA OCS exam

Key information for the CIMA OCS exam! from the examiner

How to save time in your CIMA case study revision!

Typing speed in CIMA case study exams

Things you must do before the CIMA Operational Case Study (OCS) exam

Operational Case Study (OCS) self-check list

How to use the case study pre-seen material 

Case study roles and responsibilities - Operational level

Grade descriptors for Case Study exams

Guide to writing an email in the case study exams 

Guide to writing a report in the case study exams 

Operational Case Study Practice Exam Marking Guidance

Grade descriptors for Case Study exams 

Case study related articles 

Case study related video 

Study Resources 

Study Resources from CIMA Global 

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