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P1 - Management Accounting Resources

P1 - Management Accounting Study materials , Study texts , Study guides , Study videos , Practice exams and Exam tips.

Study Guides 

Study and Exam Guide  *

 Self Study Guide *

Study Texts & Notes 

 Free P1 Study Text from Astranti  

Relevant Costing (Acorn)

Express Notes (Revision kit) (2010 syllabus) from ExP

P1 Revision summary (2010 Syllabus Acorn )

Practice Exams 

Mock Exams  

OTQ exam tips - 90 Sec questions

Study Videos 

Relevant Costing (Acorn)

NPV Example (First Intuition)

Exp Group videos 


Throughput accounting, Activity Based Accounting

Basic Variance Analysis


Planning and operational variance

Back-flush accounting, JIT, TQM, ERP


Project appraisal including NPV

Relevant cash flows - NPP vs IRR


Profitability index, capital rationing, risk

Managing short term finance

Study Resources 

Study Resources from CIMA Connect  

Kaplan Financial Knowledge Bank 

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More Resources Coming Soon 

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