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P2 - Advanced Management Accounting Resources

P2 - Advanced Management Accounting - Study materials , Study texts , Study guides , Study videos , Practice exams and Exam tips.

P2 Study Guide 


Self Study Guide *

P2 Study Texts & Notes 

Free P2 Study Text from Astranti  

Learning Curve Theory (Acorn)

P2 Revision summary (2010 Syllabus Acorn )

P2 Practice Exams 

Mock Exams 

CIMA - P2 - Masterclass 

P2 Masterclass video 

P2 Study Videos 

Learning Curve Theory (Acorn)

P2 Budgeting Methods (BPP)

Relevant Costing (BPP)

Product Lifecycle (BPP)

Relevant decision making

Cost volume profit analysis

Limiting factors, linear programming, simples

Pricing strategies, joint products

Pricing strategies

JIT, TQM, learning curves, ABM

Target costing, life cycle, ABC, Pareto

Performance measures - ROI, RI, EVA

Budgeting models and metrics

Transfer pricing

Pricing and Product Decisions

Cost Planning & Analysis

Budgeting and Management Control

Control and Performence Measurements

P2 Study Articles 

Customer profitability analysis *

Improving decision making in organisations: unlocking business intelligence *

unlocking opportunities in big data *

Risk culture in financial organisations *

Boards, risk and the public interest *

risk and probability *

uncertainty and sensitivity *

Pricing topic gateway report *

Systems based on market price, dual pricing and the two-part tariff *

Profit maximisation *

Internal rate of return (IRR) *

Annualised equivalent method *

Cost-based transfer pricing *

Transfer pricing system - Opportunity knocks *

E-business performance measurement *

Responsibility centres *

Strategy mapping *

Why ABM beats traditional costing and budgeting? *

Tackling the learning curve equation formula *

Value Analysis, Functional Analysis, Value Engineering and Target Costing *

Development of ABC *

JIT explained *

Kaizen costing *

more articles from CIMA

P2 Study Resources 

Study Resources from CIMA Connect  

Kaplan Financial Knowledge Bank 

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